wear two hats (more than one hat), to

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wear more than one hat

To hold or function in more than one position or role simultaneously. Few know that the renowned actress wears more than one hat, splitting her time as an accomplished neuroscientist.
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wear two hats

To hold or function in more than one position or role. I'm able to work from home, so I'm able to wear two hats: stay-at-home dad and website developer. Ever since our editorial assistant left the company, I've been having to wear two hats.
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wear two hats (more than one hat), to

To play two (or more) roles; to hold two different positions. This expression alludes to the hats of two different uniforms. The practice is ancient, and Gilbert and Sullivan made glorious fun of it in The Mikado in the person of Pooh-Bah, who holds practically every office in the town of Titipu. The term dates from the mid-nineteenth century. A 1972 issue of the Village Voice stated, “I wear two hats. Are you asking me this question as president of the Bartenders’ Union or as chairman of the ABC?”
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