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This system also keeps chisel paste where it belongs to allow the breaker to run longer without risking wear and tear from a lack of chisel paste.
The loss to the acid was not by rust or wear and tear. The acid did not rust, the acid did not deteriorate, the acid did not wear out.
A steel chassis for more durability, a soft-load mechanism to reduce normal wear and tear; a VR2 data channel device that enables higher densities; a park feature to ensure track alignment if the write-operation is paused or interrupted: and a thermal monitor that activates a firmware throttle-down feature when drive temperatures reach predetermined levels.
* Closed-end lease--one in which, when the car is returned at the end of the lease the consumer can "walk away." The lessee is usually still responsible for excess mileage, wear and tear and disposition.
For depreciation to be allowed, Liddle had to show (1) that the instrument was "of a character subject to depreciation" (under IRC sections 168(c)(1) and 167) and (2) that the instrument actually suffered wear and tear. Both of these elements were fulfilled.
Speculating that additional pregnancies would speed wear and tear on the pancreas, Buchanan and his colleagues tracked 671 Latina women who had suffered diabetes during a first pregnancy.
In terms of wear and tear, a machine age of 14 years at seven-day-a-week operation was roughly equivalent to 19.6 years at the five-day-a-week schedule common to many custom molders, according to Precise Technology president John Weeks.
Disease, years of wear and tear, ill-fitting or poorly designed shoes, poor circulation to the feet, or improperly trimmed toenails cause many common foot problems.
In most offering plans, sponsors disclaim liability for problems due to normal wear and tear. The disclaimer may include minor deviations from the original plans and specifications, so long as no building codes are violated..
Although the topic of wear and tear is subjective and there are no hard and fast rules on what is 'reasonably acceptable', the mydeposits 'Wear and Tear - When it Fair?' guide aims to help landlords consider and weigh up the different factors involved in the decision making process.
Even with all the wear and tear that dancers endure, genetics still play the biggest role in determining whether you are at high risk for arthritis.
Commanders can save wear and tear on weapons by having soldiers do the -10 procedure instead of dry firing.
If your surgeon advises that you have a lot of wear and tear on your knee, I urge you to incorporate crosstraining into your routine.
In determining the taxable value of personal property, most jurisdictions have established depreciation or cost-multiplier schedules, which attempt to take into consideration normal wear and tear based on the standard life for the property.