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wean someone (away) from something

to force someone or an animal to break a habit. (Fig. on the notion of ending the dependence of a young creature on milk alone.) It was almost impossible to wean her from her high spending habits. We couldn't wean away the dog from its mother.
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wean from

or wean off
1. To accustom some young mammal to nourishment other than something, as the mother's milk, obtained by suckling: The mother weaned the child from breast milk. The child was weaned from the breast.
2. To detach someone from something to which one is strongly habituated or devoted: I finally weaned myself from cigarettes. They were weaned from their drug habits at the rehabilitation center.
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wean on

1. To accustom some infant mammal to take nourishment other than by suckling: The mother weaned the child on formula.
2. Slang To accustom someone to something from an early age. Used chiefly in the passive: Moviegoers who were weaned on the TV series will find the film to their liking.
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There is lots of room for weans who like to run, informative films and interactive touch screens, robots and gadgets to play with, Sir Jackie Stewart's racing car, space rockets, big scary sharks, dinosaur skeletons and so much more.
Christine, tears pouring down her face, added: "My mum looked after the wean from when he was weeks old because Amanda always worked.
At Weans World, you can be sure that your child will be cared for by qualified, registered professionals in a stimulating, secure environment.
Weans World offer facilities for young children from 6 weeks to 11 years old, providing nursery and out-of-school care.
Weans World have developed a special relationship with a wide range of nurseries and schools in the area and the growing number of parents who have come to rely on them.
Weans World are happy to discuss any special, dietary or personal requirements for your child, and they will do their best to blend in with your own personal circumstances.