wean (away) from (something)

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wean (away) from (something)

1. To accustom a baby or an infant mammal to stop relying solely on its mother's milk so as to take nourishment from some other source of food. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "wean" and "(away) from." Doctors currently don't recommend weaning babies away from breastmilk before they are six months old. Some seal pups are weaned from their mothers' teat after only two weeks.
2. To slowly or gradually stop doing, ingesting, or consuming something to which one has developed a strong habit or dependency. I'm trying to wean away from so many fatty foods and start eating more fruits and vegetables. Some people are able to wean from smoking gradually, while other people find it better to stop completely all at once.
3. To force or accustom someone to the gradual withdrawal from some action or thing to which they have developed a strong habit or dependency. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "wean" and "(away) from." I want to start weaning the kids away from TV and video games on the weekends and get them to read or play outside more. The medication helps wean patients off alcohol by simulating its effects in the brain.
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wean someone (away) from something

to force someone or an animal to break a habit. (Fig. on the notion of ending the dependence of a young creature on milk alone.) It was almost impossible to wean her from her high spending habits. We couldn't wean away the dog from its mother.
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wean from

or wean off
1. To accustom some young mammal to nourishment other than something, as the mother's milk, obtained by suckling: The mother weaned the child from breast milk. The child was weaned from the breast.
2. To detach someone from something to which one is strongly habituated or devoted: I finally weaned myself from cigarettes. They were weaned from their drug habits at the rehabilitation center.
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And don't you think we need an acclimatisation period to do this -- a kind of gentle weaning away from checking our mails and the most recent posts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and whatever else we are addicted to, before we settle into that anti-everything-modern place we have chosen (or been dragged to) for our annual break?
However, neutral observers and analysts point out that the country has not been as serious in streamlining ties with Russia as it should have been despite some positive overtures from Moscow, which is weaning away from Delhi in view of unprecedented strategic partnership between the United States and India encompassing all aspects of cooperation and even at the expense of Indo-Russian ties.
Just as in Assam where the RSS succeeded in weaning away from the Congress its traditional vote banks belonging to the SC/ ST communities that counted for quite a major proportion of the population ( 33 per cent OBCs and 30 per cent SCs and STs) through its welfare projects, the organisation is making similar inroads in these electorally dominant
Relationship to change in diet, loss of positively acquired maternal immunity (early weaning away from breast milk), acute enteritis with hyperperistalsis and mesenteric adenitis have been known to be present in infancy with idiopathic intussusception and the increased incidence in early summer months common in infant intussusception (6).
For example, many who do use some level of hormone replacement can begin weaning away from it in 6 months or so.
The trend noticed amongst Germany's coffee roasters would suggest that they are, gradually, weaning away from being generalists to what is being described in the trade as specialists: this is a euphemism to suggest that specialities will play an increasingly important role in the corporate strategies of German coffee roasters.
Legarda said that despite this carbon cap, the Philippines could still pursue development efforts through a 'long-term transition to a low carbon economy' which would entail shifting to clean energy sources like wind and solar, and a gradual weaning away from coal.
Since slowly weaning away from racing and allied activities in 2011 he became a partner of Ararat International where now he is working full-time in the Dubai office by representing top Italian brands and famous franchising chains including: Ferrari Store, Lamborghini Apparels, Attibassi Coffee, Bice Restaurant and Hollywood actor Robert De Niro's 'Ago' restaurants.