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wean someone (away) from something

to force someone or an animal to break a habit. (Fig. on the notion of ending the dependence of a young creature on milk alone.) It was almost impossible to wean her from her high spending habits. We couldn't wean away the dog from its mother.
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wean from

or wean off
1. To accustom some young mammal to nourishment other than something, as the mother's milk, obtained by suckling: The mother weaned the child from breast milk. The child was weaned from the breast.
2. To detach someone from something to which one is strongly habituated or devoted: I finally weaned myself from cigarettes. They were weaned from their drug habits at the rehabilitation center.
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wean on

1. To accustom some infant mammal to take nourishment other than by suckling: The mother weaned the child on formula.
2. Slang To accustom someone to something from an early age. Used chiefly in the passive: Moviegoers who were weaned on the TV series will find the film to their liking.
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Primary endpoints were the wean success rate for those residents entered into and remaining in the wean protocol compared with the Baseline population.
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John Wean play the Lomax on Cumberland Street on July 19.
The primary phase in any protocol-driven ventilator weaning is a daily screening for readiness to wean.
Sure Start Westgate Children's Centre in Newcastle is set to launch a leaflet that will help all parents, regardless of their backgrounds, wean their new babies.
Literature ([3]) suggests that a significant amount of clinicians' time is spent in attempts to wean patients off ventilator support," said Ed Coombs, RRT, Critical Care and Ventilation, Draeger Medical, Inc.
So, my advice to mums would be: breastfeed as long as you can, change to formula if you have to and go by your admirable instincts to wean from four months onwards.
16) With mothers living in socially deprived circumstances particularly likely to wean early, health inequalities linked to obesity are likely to be perpetuated.
Beginning at 6 months posttransplant and at 2-6 month intervals, they used a battery of clinical data including ELISA antibody titers, donor-specific antibodies and the ImmuKnow(R) assay to wean tacrolimus whenever possible.
Jan Roche, British Horse Society Cymru development officer said, 'Most foals are born in the spring so start to wean when the grass, and their mother's milk, runs out in the autumn.
Master Developer Anthony Wean "Rolls" Out His First of Taco Del Mar's 100 Regional Locations to Come
Dear Coleen my My baby is five months old and I'm planning to wean her soon.
All patients were >16 years old and readiness to wean was determined by ICU staff.
Inspiratory muscle training can be implemented effectively in the difficult to wean patient and should be considered for patients who have failed conventional weaning strategies
announced today that Raymond John Wean III has been elected to serve on the Sky Financial Group Board of Directors.