wealth of

wealth of something

Fig. a large amount of something. There's a wealth of information on parrots at the library. The junkyard had a wealth of used car parts.
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References in classic literature ?
The feeling, from being morbid, was changed to a healthful and active desire to emulate the character, the condition, and, peradventure, the wealth of their ancestors also.
For another reason, the votes allowed in the federal legislature to the people of each State, ought to bear some proportion to the comparative wealth of the States.
The porter, who had often heard people speak of the immense wealth of Sindbad, could not help feeling envious of one whose lot seemed to be as happy as his own was miserable.
When a country is fully developed and its production keeps pace with its consumption, if private wealth is to increase as well as the wealth of the community at large, there must be exchanges with other communities, which will keep a balance on the right side of the balance-sheet.
Then I turned my attention to another kind of production, that should increase the welfare rather than the wealth of these poor folk.
What remains of his verse mostly takes the form of quatrains, yet for originality of thought, wealth of imagery and style, they have seldom been excelled.
The wealth of the father and the beauty of the daughter led many neighbours as well as strangers to seek her for a wife; but he, as one might well be who had the disposal of so rich a jewel, was perplexed and unable to make up his mind to which of her countless suitors he should entrust her.
Kapu, thus doubly damned, calmly gave full details of how it had been given to him by Lervumie; and Lervumie, with equal wealth of detail, told how he had received it from Noni; and from Noni to Sulefatoi it went on around the circle again.
Brown saw that the chest was barred and clamped with iron, strengthened with iron plates and studded with iron nails, so as to be a fit receptacle in which the wealth of one century might be hoarded up for the wants of another.
The combined wealth of the world's billionaires increased by 12% to US$7.
There are a wealth of tax-advantaged retirement savings options, each with its own eligibility rules, investment limits and payout rules.
Proverbs 13:22 (King James Version) reminds us that: "A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
List of Figures Figure 1: Global HNWI Population (Millions), 2008 and 2013 Figure 2: Global HNWI Wealth (US$ Trillion), 2008 and 2013 Figure 3: HNWI Population in Key Markets (Millions), 2013 Figure 4: HNWI Asset Allocation (%), 2008 and 2013 Figure 5: Global Wealth Management Industry Behavioral Mapping, 2013 Figure 6: Regional Representation of HNWI Population by Age Group (%), 2013 Figure 7: Global Wealth of HNWIs by Age Group (US$ Trillion), 2013 Figure 8: Female HNWI Population Share (%), 2008 and 2013 Figure 9: HNWIs by Industry (%), 2014 Figure 10: HNWI Representation by Source of Wealth (%), 2013 Figure 11: Global HNWI Investment in Equity (%), 2008C 2018 Figure 12: Comparison between Asset Allocation of LGBT HNWIs and Other HNWIs, 2013
99), a typical black family holds on average just 11% of the wealth of a white family.
This report focuses on the onshore liquid wealth of Mass Affluent and High Net Worth customers.