wealth of

wealth of something

Fig. a large amount of something. There's a wealth of information on parrots at the library. The junkyard had a wealth of used car parts.
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References in classic literature ?
Its share of the wealth of the country consists of clothes and household furniture, with here and there, in very rare cases, an unencumbered home.
The feeling, from being morbid, was changed to a healthful and active desire to emulate the character, the condition, and, peradventure, the wealth of their ancestors also.
If we compare the wealth of the United Netherlands with that of Russia or Germany, or even of France, and if we at the same time compare the total value of the lands and the aggregate population of that contracted district with the total value of the lands and the aggregate population of the immense regions of either of the three last-mentioned countries, we shall at once discover that there is no comparison between the proportion of either of these two objects and that of the relative wealth of those nations.
The wealth of nations depends upon an infinite variety of causes.
"For another reason, the votes allowed in the federal legislature to the people of each State, ought to bear some proportion to the comparative wealth of the States.
The porter, who had often heard people speak of the immense wealth of Sindbad, could not help feeling envious of one whose lot seemed to be as happy as his own was miserable.
When a country is fully developed and its production keeps pace with its consumption, if private wealth is to increase as well as the wealth of the community at large, there must be exchanges with other communities, which will keep a balance on the right side of the balance-sheet.
"Then I turned my attention to another kind of production, that should increase the welfare rather than the wealth of these poor folk.
The more the plundering by the French continued, the more both the wealth of Moscow and the strength of its plunderers was destroyed.
The wealth of the world's richest individuals slumped by 3% last year, driven by a decline in the equity markets and the slowdown of the Chinese economy.
Islamic wealth management has been under the radar in the Islamic finance industry for quite some time, even though the number of wealthy people, especially in East Asia with two dominant Muslim countries, Malaysia and Indonesia, keeps growing, and the oil-rich states in the Middle East are recovering from low oil prices and with it the wealth of individuals and families.
In terms of total personal wealth, US ranked first with $98 trillion, followed by China, which added $2.3 trillion during the past 12-months to the total household wealth of whopping $52 trillion.
Wealth can be categorised into three principal categories: personal property, including homes or automobiles; monetary savings, such as the accumulation of past income; and the capital wealth of income producing assets, including real estate, stocks, bonds, and businesses.'
Conventionally, wealth has been generated by undertaking no-risk-sharing ventures to which wealth of an individual or an entity is made available to produce goods useful to society.
MANILA, Philippines Filipinos' wealth sharply grew in a span of nine years, although the Philippines ranked low compared to its neighbors in Southeast Asia, the World Bank said in a report.According to the World Bank's The Changing Wealth of Nations 2018 report, estimated wealth per capita in the Philippines based on 2014 data surged to $30,823 56.48 percent higher than 2005's $19,698.In the region, the Philippines settled behind Thailand ($62,599), Indonesia ($46,919) and Lao PDR ($39,307) while Singapore ($775,196) and Malaysia ($239,203) took the top spot in terms of wealth per capita.