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It was the weakest in the current 21-month period of expansion, with the vast majority of respondents (97 per cent) seeing no change in employment.
Coalville in the East Midlands, Accrington in the North West of England and Poole and Newton Abbot in the South West of England were also on the weakest performers list.
The figures revealed the weakest input cost inflation in more than three years as the average cost of inputs to manufacturers fell for the first time since Q2 2009, driven largely by China, which suffered a fourth successive quarterly decline in prices.
While assessing 206 of the world's largest financial institutions, the agency found that 42 percent of the weakest banks, with a rating of D+ or lower, were located in the PIIGS countries, France and Germany.
On The Weakest Link, though, Anne Robinson is outrageously rude and cruel to the participants as she hosts the 45-minutes long gameshow, relentlessly mocking both their personal and professional lives between rounds.
After voting in each round, outgoing contestants left the set to the sound of her curt catchphrase: "You are the Weakest Link, goodbye.
They've got to be ready to say, 'You ARE the weakest link, GOODBYE'," I'd have found it more convincing.
Last year, the dad-of-one who currently travels across the UK to offer his services, was kicked out in the first round after appearing on the Weakest Link.
The former Rover worker was rejected by Sir Alan Sugar and was the first to be voted off The Weakest Link two years ago.
Since September 11, 2001, the United States and other governments have frequently asserted that threats to international peace and security often come from the world's weakest states.
Lauren Black, 20, student, West Jesmond: The Weakest Link because I seem to know the answers to some of the questions.
WASHINGTON -- Workers stepped up their efficiency in the final three months of 2006, yet productivity still turned in the weakest yearly performance in almost a decade.
Y ou are the weakest link' is a phrase we have all become familiar with over recent years, and although I have never understood the need for self-humiliation at the hands of Anne Robinson, I was recently reminded of how often the weakest link in any organisation can diminish the strength of even the most successful of companies.