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We think there is more than a even chance of the peso selling at around P43-P44/$ by yearend, particularly given what we think is a distinctive policy bias for a weaker peso," Global Source said.
The stronger recognises the autonomy of the weaker, and the weaker gives deference to the power of the stronger.
In our opinion, several weaker banks may adopt more aggressive pricing to secure deposits and loan business amid the market's gradual "flight to quality" and to maintain already-shrinking business scale due to weaker franchises," Chang noted.
The group predicts weaker demand "due to the slowdown in telecoms infrastructure expenditure resulting from global economic conditions.
It's obvious the closed season is not helping the weaker counties one iota," Evans blasted.
In a separate announcement, M-real's parent, Metsaliitto Group, also warned that its fourth quarter operating result will be weaker than previously expected.
The weaker dollar also doesn't have the immediate impact of dramatically reducing imports.
imports for coated paper have dropped due to the weaker U.
First, the weaker dollar combined with massive fiscal and monetary stimulus will shortly begin to revive the faltering U.
The Nikkei 225 has on occasion tracked well with gold prices, but this is merely because both react positively to a weaker dollar.
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The weaker those foundations, the weaker a nation--or organization of any kind.
This is one of the risks of a war against the weak: Men may conclude that anyone weaker than themselves is a legitimate target.
She seemed to be getting weaker and weaker," Kelly later recalled.
That behavior may leave the males weaker and more vulnerable to infection.