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Note that every minimal structure is a complimentary weak structure but not conversely as the following example shows:
This spin rotation can also be given in terms of the weak meson exchange amplitudes; for [.
The SLAC study isn't the first to gauge the electron's weak charge.
A similar weak structure has also emerged in literature and cinema.
The weight of a single skier can cause any one of the weak layers in the snowpack to fall apart, says Tremper.
Key words: cold neutrons; neutron spin rotation; nucleon-nucleon interaction; parity-violation; spallation neutron source; weak hadronic interaction.
How those weak layers evolve and the various conditions that cause them to form in the first place are just some of the phenomena that the researchers at Montana State are studying in their meat-locker lab.
5 OMITTED], the weak DT aligns in a one technique over the OG and plays the weak A-gap, while the strong DT aligns in a three technique over the OG and plays the strong B-gap.
Our ends are positioned in the strong and weak B gaps, can vary their play according to the offensive strengths, weaknesses, and formations.
Imhoff of the NeuroMuscular Research Center at Boston University have shown, in a simple theoretical model, that a network of neuronlike components can make use of the intrinsic noise of the individual components to enhance the system's overall sensitivity to weak signals.
Note: Symbols used in the diagrams: B, linebackers; C, corners; S, safety; ss, strong safety; M, Mike middle LB; S, strong LB (Sam); W, weak LB (Wil).
This random crackling interferes with signals from favorite stations and often completely blankets the weak transmissions from distant broadcasters.