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The Assistant Director-General of ILO and Regional Director for Africa, Cynthia Samuel-Olonjuwon, who spoke with journalists on the peculiarity of labour administration in Nigeria said the Ministry of Labour is very weak in terms of budgetary allocations, priority attached to the ministry by the government, and in terms of performance.
Weak earnings, in particular government-owned banks, and thin capital buffers remain at risk from ageing provisions which stem from slow resolution of the sector's 150 billion dollar NPL stock (FY18).
Defending a weak rupee through intervention in the market can be ruled out for obvious reasons.
A weak Chinese yuan has important economic implications for the Chinese economy.
'High inflation rate and weak peso - Don't justify; do something,' Lacson posted.
'Weak states often violate the rights of their people.
A chance of local weak showers in the afternoon in Bosnia.
There are two types of imperfections that create weak unions: a branch union with included bark and an epicormic branch.
ISLAMABAD -- Member National Assembly (MNA), Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh Tuesday said that privatization of weak institutions or entities would benefit country.
Summary: The Central Bank left the one-week repo rate at 8.0% and the O/N funding rate at 8.5%; stating that it had yet to assess the impact of the FX rate pass through and weak domestic demand.
Weak gel system (WG) was designed for in-depth profile modification [11-13] and is characterized by low polymer and crosslinker concentration, low surface viscosity, delayed gelling time, and good viscoelasticity.
Abstract: In this paper, the effects of autapse, a kind of synapse formed between the axon or soma of a neuron and its own dendrite, on the transmission of weak signal are investigated in scale-free neuronal networks.
LONDON, Dhu-AlHijjah 06, 1437, September 07, 2016, SPA -- European shares remained just off an 8 month high on Wednesday, supported by a rise in Weir Group and well-received company results which helped to counteract weak data out of Germany, Reuters reported.
This algorithm strengthens overall performance when used with other weak learning algorithms.