we need to talk

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we need to talk (about something)

an expression urging or ordering someone to discuss something. Bill: Can I come over tonight? We need to talk about something. Mary: I guess so. "Mr. Franklin," said Bill's boss sort of sternly, "I want to see you in my office for a minute. We need to talk about something."
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We Need To Talk About Kevin, adapted from the novel by Lionel Shriver, is an extraordinary, haunting and poetic vision documenting the aftermath of a senseless high school massacre from the perspective of the perpetrator's guilt-stricken mother.
Vinnie feels disappointed and we need to talk things out.
Based on a two-year study of older drivers' attitudes and driving habits, We Need to Talk offers families easy-to-use, practical information to help them advise their loved ones on whether it is time to limit or even give up driving.
Maureen Mohyde, The Hartford's director of corporate gerontology and co-author of We Need to Talk, emphasizes that age alone is not an indication that a person needs to give up driving.
We Need to Talk offers families a multi-step approach to crafting candid, effectual discussions about older driver safety, from positive conversation starters to advice on which family member should broach the topic.
If potential problems arise, We Need to Talk urges families to speak openly.
As a society, we need to talk about our bodies and be aware of the risk factors.
As a society, we need to talk about our bodies and be aware of the risk factors,'' says Westlake Village resident Terry Weyman, organizer of the Hap Weyman Memorial Prostate Cancer Climb.
There's an elephant in the room - we need to talk about the elephant,'' Niemeyer said.
I don't think that's cogent to what we need to talk about.
There are questions that we need to talk about before we start sending people to Europe on recruiting trips.
It may be a more important project than others, but I think we need to talk about it with all the other projects.
That's all it is, and if the Air Force insists that allowing us to see and photograph the forty-niners' inscription in Nye Canyon would compromise national security, then we need to talk.
The casino was not advertised as part of the bill, and Indian gaming has ramifications we need to talk about,'' said Jenny Backus, aide to Sen.
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