be even (with someone)

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be even (with someone)

1. To not be indebted (to someone) for something; to not owe (someone) anything. I helped Sarah set up the community center for her casino night in return for her helping me move, so she and I are even now. Tell you what: buy me dinner this Friday. That way, you'll be even with me for the money I lent you.
2. To no longer have cause to seek revenge (against someone). You broke the tail light on my car, so I slashed your tires—now we're even.
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(with someone) not being indebted to someone for money; no longer needing to retaliate against someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I will get even with you for breaking my baseball bat! Jimmy got even with Bill by punching him in the nose.
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be ˈeven

(informal) no longer owe somebody money or a favour: If I pay for the meals then we’re even.
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