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1. slang The mouth. I feel so bad for him—he took a line-drive to the bazoo and had to get his jaw wired back together at the hospital.
2. slang The stomach, especially a large or protruding one. If you don't get that bazoo under control, you'll be asked to play Santa Claus this year!
3. slang The buttocks. It hurts to sit down right now because I slipped on ice and landed hard on my bazoo.

have (something) up the wazoo

To have a great or excessive abundance of something. The company's had financial difficulties up the wazoo lately, but the CEO is adamant that it will start making a profit again soon. Sorry, I can't come out tonight, I've got homework up the wazoo.
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out the wazoo

slang In great, extreme, or excessive abundance. ("Wazoo" is a slang term for the anus.) The company's had financial difficulties out the wazoo lately, but the CEO is adamant that it will start making a profit soon. Sorry, I can't come out tonight, I've got homework out the wazoo.
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up the wazoo

To an excessive or extreme degree; in great or excessive abundance. The company's had financial difficulties up the wazoo lately, but the CEO is adamant that it will start making a profit soon. I only buy video game consoles after they've been out a while and stores aren't charging up the wazoo for them.
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1. slang Drunk. Everyone was pretty wazooed from all that wine by the end of the meal. He's such a lightweight. He gets wazooed from just one bottle of beer!
2. slang Conned, cheated, or duped; hoodwinked. It's pretty clear that voters have been wazooed by the duplicitous politician. I didn't want to get wazooed, so I brought my dad with me to buy a used car.
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up (or out) the wazoo

in great quantities. informal
Wazoo is an informal American term for the buttocks or anus. Its origins are unknown.
2000 Eric Garcia Anonymous Rex The guy in the movie had business contacts up the wazoo.
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ˌout/ˌup the waˈzoo

(American English, taboo, slang) in large numbers or amounts: She’s got awards up the wazoo.
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and wazoo
1. n. the human mouth. You want me to punch you in the wazoo? Shut your damn wazoo!
2. n. the stomach or belly. His great wazoo hung poised, out over his belt, like it might dive down to the floor and bounce off across the room. Pow, right in the wazoo!
3. n. the anus; the buttocks. (Jocular and euphemistic.) One more word like that and I’ll give you a kick in the wazoo that you’ll remember for a long time. She fell so down! Right on her skinny bazoo.


See bazoo
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up the wazoo

In great abundance.
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Q: And is "out the wazoo," is that a technical term?
"Smell those hops, up the wazoo!" exclaimed Gregg Glaser, editor of Yankee Brew News.
"They're regulated up the wazoo. They get five weeks holiday every year.
Someone said wazoo, so wazoo it was, and we were psyched, so very
Yes, definitely got it, with colorful, fun stories about well-known and not-so-well-known people and companies up the wazoo. You really can't help but enjoy the storytelling.
"G&A" reader Keith: "People (with the media's support) just don't understand that you can make laws up the wazoo, but you are only binding the hands of the people who don't need those laws to be safe."
That was Stuntmensch driving the yellow VW for the title sequence, rotors in the rear view, "rotors up the wazoo." Greg MacGillivray, the cameraman deranged as Stanley but way ballsier, gave the chopper pilot the trots, insisting on nudging the VW at the cliff's edge.
That wasn't true with Leopardi because Leopardi has been edited up the wazoo. He's one of the fundamental writers in Italian.
But at least Lost held our interest for several seasons before putting the kybosh on everyone's patience by disappearing up its own wazoo with all that nonsense about time-travelling Gap beachwear models trying to keep an angry, centuries-old cloud of black smoke finding a cave with a special light in it and destroying the world.
He regarded cleanliness, Wazoo, Salah, Zakat and Fast basis of true religion.
I found a sweet spot, a small waterhole where there were tracks up the wazoo. Put up a ladder stand and sat there 'til it was time to go home.
"Genetic engineering is more precise and predictable, yet it is regulated up the wazoo," McGloughlin says.
They are a pain in the wazoo and usually more troubled than brilliant, and what's the point?
So, we have 5% of our citizens not working and/or not working at what they want to be working at, government debt out the wazoo, two kind of wars, and global warming (or a new ice age, if the blizzard-like storm that hit Oklahoma on the first day of spring is an indicator) to deal with.