way of life

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way of life

1. The customs and activities that compose the lifestyle of a person or group. Fishing and seafaring are a large part of the way of life of these coastal communities. Terrorism is a threat to our freedom and our very way of life.
2. Something that is accepted as the status quo. It's a shame that violence and drug use become a way of life for some troubled teens.
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one's way of life

one's lifestyle; one's pattern of living. That kind of thing just doesn't fit into my way of life. Our way of life includes contributing to worthy causes.
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a/the/somebody’s way of ˈlife

the typical pattern of behaviour of a person or group: the British/rural/traditional way of life
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It is itself a way of life, or range of ways of life.
In this sense, a religious way of life may well be rational.
How, then, can we make a case for one way of life over another when both seem satisfying and well adapted to local conditions?
Our way of life satisfies us,' I, certainly, am not about to start consulting theologians when I run into ethical questions.
Moreover, this neutrality must be quite broad because, on this view, a way of life has its moral standing by virtue of its being the object of autonomous choice,(20) the product of a being who has this first higher order capacity.
Expressive liberty claims that a citizen has to pursue a way of life that best expresses his or her most fundamental values, values that give purpose and meaning to his or her life.