wax lyrical

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wax lyrical

To speak about something enthusiastically, especially by employing elegant language; to rhapsodize. It was a nice feeling when Dana waxed lyrical about the dinner I made, describing it as "sublimely scrumptious." If you're going to be a salesman, you're going to have to learn how to wax lyrical about the most mundane products to make them sound like must-haves.
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wax lyrical about something

If you wax lyrical about a subject, you talk about it in an enthusiastic way. He waxed lyrical about the skills and commitment of his employees.
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wax lyrical about (or over)

talk in an effusive or enthusiastic way about something.
Wax (from Old English weaxan ) was used to mean ‘increase in size’ right through until early modern English, but since then it has been superseded in all general contexts by grow . It now survives only in certain expressions, especially with reference to the moon's monthly increase and decrease (waxing and waning ).
1998 New Scientist Even as they wax lyrical about the perils of a changing climate, Clinton and Gore are presiding over the most massive expansion of oil exploration and drilling since…the Trans-Alaska Pipeline twenty years ago.
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wax ˈlyrical (about something)

(written) talk or write about something with enthusiasm: He began to wax lyrical about the new car he would buy with his earnings.
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TOMMY McCormack waxes lyrical about the quality of shipbuilding in the North East (Voice of the North, March 6).
Martin O'Neill waxes lyrical about the rain-soaked, mud-laden at Wigan's JJB Stadium.
Frankie Dettori rarely waxes lyrical about a horse but he's been shouting all week about the Derby prospects today of Naheef, over-priced at 8-1.
German industrialist Count Christian Duerckheim waxes lyrical about Tracey Emin's Unmade Bed, pictured, which he has bought for PS2.
I am pretty obsessive" - Actress Halle Berry (pictured) waxes lyrical, not about her new fiance, Olivier Martinez, but her collection of shoes.
Mr Williams waxes lyrical that such blackouts that have occurred are not the fault of his beloved turbines; what wonderful perverse logic.
Like everything: fireworks and all that yummy gushy stuff " - Singer Nicole Scherzinger waxes lyrical.
Elegant structures in harmony with nature" - Sir David Attenborough waxes lyrical about wind turbines.
TV baker Paul Hollywood waxes lyrical about his co-star, Mary Berry
Frontman Matthew Murphy waxes lyrical about the time he was on anti-depressants and the video summarises his mindset at the time.
They look like shimmering wet dolphins" - Tory MP Nadine Dorries waxes lyrical over the Olympic male divers.