wax lyrical

wax lyrical

To speak about something enthusiastically, especially by employing elegant language; to rhapsodize. It was a nice feeling when Dana waxed lyrical about the dinner I made, describing it as "sublimely scrumptious." If you're going to be a salesman, you're going to have to learn how to wax lyrical about the most mundane products to make them sound like must-haves.
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wax lyrical about something

If you wax lyrical about a subject, you talk about it in an enthusiastic way. He waxed lyrical about the skills and commitment of his employees.
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wax lyrical about (or over)

talk in an effusive or enthusiastic way about something.
Wax (from Old English weaxan ) was used to mean ‘increase in size’ right through until early modern English, but since then it has been superseded in all general contexts by grow . It now survives only in certain expressions, especially with reference to the moon's monthly increase and decrease (waxing and waning ).
1998 New Scientist Even as they wax lyrical about the perils of a changing climate, Clinton and Gore are presiding over the most massive expansion of oil exploration and drilling since…the Trans-Alaska Pipeline twenty years ago.
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wax ˈlyrical (about something)

(written) talk or write about something with enthusiasm: He began to wax lyrical about the new car he would buy with his earnings.
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Wax Lyrical finished third overall in PHS and second in Division 2 of the 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart.
For anyone who ever wondered what Spode Woodland or Portmeirion Botanic Garden would smell like if it had a scent, the question is answered with Portmeirion Group's new home fragrance collection from Wax Lyrical.
FOR poets, the arrival of British Summer Time is a moment of great joy, an opportunity to wax lyrical about nature or love.
Sometimes players play to the media gallery and wax lyrical about various courses around the world, but not here.
Ashley Spindler main man of the band (with Bass duties from Nigel Meffen), may not be the most obvious person to wax lyrical on this emotive of subjects.
I could wax lyrical for 400 glorious words about Joe Root's double hundred.
"I don't think you can do anything other than wax lyrical about that performance," said manager Colin Cooper to the club's website.
Red wine lovers who like to wax lyrical on the joys of a good claret to complement the delicate gamey tang of young grouse will be well rewarded with Dourthe Diane de Belgrave 2009, France (PS15, Oddbins) from the Haut-Medoc region in Bordeaux.
As if that lot are not enough of a draw, Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham are in town to wax lyrical about blockbuster comedy The Hangover Part III.
But before you start sighing heavily, it is only to wax lyrical about the virtues of Christmas spuds.
If Jenny Murray can wax lyrical, free from feminist assault, it ought to be safe for me to confess the unvarnished truth that I am a huge fan of this octogenarian invention.
Summary: The quality of Spain's performance in their win over Germany has prompted coach Vicente del Bosque to wax lyrical over his talented team.
Here's your chance to wax lyrical about your new skills - have a go at making your own candles for the house with the Candlemaking starter kit from House Of Crafts.In the box you'll find everything you need to get going from wax pellets to wicks,moulds to coloured dyes.Instructions are included so you can't go wrong.
POLITICAL figures frequently wax lyrical in The Journal, giving cause for critical comment from us, the hoi polloi.
A POET is asking people to wax lyrical about their town.