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waver between (someone and someone else)

to vacillate between choosing one person or another. I had to appoint the new manager, and I was wavering between Jane and Janet. We wavered between Bill and Bob for the position.
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waver between (something and something else)

to vacillate between choosing one thing and another; to linger indecisively between doing one thing or another. The captain was wavering between St. Thomas and St. Croix. We wavered between chocolate and vanilla.
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wand waver

and wagger
an exhibitionist. The cops picked up a wand waver on Main Street.
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MB: When I was in high school, the skaters were kind of paired up with new wavers as far as girls.
Savvy, conscientious, and ambitious, they represent, in many ways, exactly the bright, brash, and courageous heirs that the Steinem-era Second Wavers sought.
Utterly controlled, with a perfection of line that never wavers, he conveys the infinitely minute yet spellbinding transformations of a world in constant metamorphosis.
Dropping towards head height and held between slim taut poles like a trapeze are plywood slivers, dynamic wavers that serve as exhibition trays and from which larger garments are simply hung.
Meanwhile, as support for the CRA wavers, fair-lending advocates are using diplomacy to deal with mortgage lenders.
3 (That's far enough #3, 1989), marry the use of closed surfaces with grates that, because of their Spartan austerity, create an atmosphere that wavers between the lattice windows of a convent and the bars of a jail cell.