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waver between (someone and someone else)

to vacillate between choosing one person or another. I had to appoint the new manager, and I was wavering between Jane and Janet. We wavered between Bill and Bob for the position.
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waver between (something and something else)

to vacillate between choosing one thing and another; to linger indecisively between doing one thing or another. The captain was wavering between St. Thomas and St. Croix. We wavered between chocolate and vanilla.
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wand waver

and wagger
an exhibitionist. The cops picked up a wand waver on Main Street.
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Gold prices kept trading near a ten-month low as the precious metals keeps the wavering that dominated it this week, especially with dollar's rapid moves against major currencies lately.
As befits such a former fee, both his leading ladies are well connected; Aga Khan-homebred Sarafina is out of the placed Sanariya, the dam of six winners from as many runners, while Wavering was bred by Darley out of Group 3 winner Summertime Legacy, a close relation to Golden Fleece.
James Franco plays the main flier, Blaine Rawlings, a Texas cowboy of wavering accent, who ends up racking up his fair share of kills.
Even a wavering flame can light the darkness, inviting others home.
Hundreds of props, scripts, paintings and photographs belonging to the late Up Pompeii star are being displayed at Wavering Down, his former cottage, near Cross, in Somerset.
Zarifi said, are reportedly encouraged by signals that the United States and its allies are undergoing "a wavering commitment on the ground.
She's recorded hours of nighttime serenades of intensified, wavering frequencies (listen at www.
The four main characters, Geneva, Noah, Chevy and Crystal, demonstrate how true friends are willing to go to hell and back without wavering.
Especially revealing the meaning and essence of Matthew's Gospel, Spirituality Of The Beatitudes reveals in depth the philosophies and some contradicting opinions concerning the classic and well-known refrains, "Blessed are the poor in spirit" (notes point out that Matthew was exceptional in his conviction that doing good works led those of wavering or little faith to salvation); "Blessed are the nonviolent; they will inherit the Earth"; "Blessed are the peacemakers; they will be called the children of God" and more.
Borrowing a page from the Republican playbook, he summoned a group of white shoe lobbyists to the Capitol and gave them marching orders to shore up support among wavering Democrats.
It was done by the organization setting high expectations and not wavering on those expectations.
And welcome to Wavering Facades, the world's first gated and secure metrosexual community.
What comes through this wavering of handmade marks, united into some semblance of consistency, is a single-minded determination, even obsession, undergirding an overall dreaminess.
Retention Associate Nicolle Losonczy, an employee since 2001, has the challenging task of persuading wavering FEI members to stay or departed members to come back--a job that often varies between thankless and exhilarating.
Nancy Bannon and Jason McDole as Bride and Groom conveyed their conflicting passions with extraordinary vigor, while the others did their best to represent the masses wavering between despondence, exuberance, and inebriation.