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waver between (someone and someone else)

to vacillate between choosing one person or another. I had to appoint the new manager, and I was wavering between Jane and Janet. We wavered between Bill and Bob for the position.
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waver between (something and something else)

to vacillate between choosing one thing and another; to linger indecisively between doing one thing or another. The captain was wavering between St. Thomas and St. Croix. We wavered between chocolate and vanilla.
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wand waver

and wagger
an exhibitionist. The cops picked up a wand waver on Main Street.
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Greece's Prime Minister has urged waverers in his Socialist party to back a sweeping pension bill in a parliametary vote expected on July 8, saying the indebted nation was "on the right path" in an austerity cure, according to Reuters.
The Prime Minister must get the core supporters out and get the waverers to think again.
Groups of these waverers are peeling off towards the opposition with every setback and once they switch over it is very hard to win them back.
Having apparently made peace with Hughes, he then got any remaining waverers in the City support back onside with a deft through-ball which allowed Wright-Phillips to drive a shot through Steve Harper's legs.
Given the levels of protest aimed at the board at the Blackburn Rovers game and the mess made of season-ticket renewal offers, should Larsson and James McFadden - another crowd favourite - be sold, it would provoke a backlash, or convince the waverers to finally give up on the current regime.
The judges decisive action could convince many waverers of the credibility of Europe - in the light of concern from many doctors, scientists and both Houses of Parliament.
But Britain has ruthlessly wooed supporters of the Spanish bid and is hopeful of persuading some waverers to switch sides.
Efforts to win over the waverers were expected to continue right up to this evening's vote, with government whips driving home to rebels the consequences if they succeed in wrecking the legislation.
And with the new football season about to start, the chance to enjoy good quality satellite transmission of the big new signings in action is bound to convert some of the waverers.
The Prime Minister set out his case for bombing Syria in the House of Commons, convincing some waverers while others want clearer answers about his strategy, goals and exit plan.
Brown said: "And let us tell the undecided, the waverers, those not sure how to vote, let us tell them what we have achieved together.
SIR - The recent findings of the all Wales Convention on the future of devolution in Wales represents a cynical attempt by the pro-devolutionists to browbeat waverers into accepting that devolution has come to stay.
ON THE RECORD Katherine Jenkins - Believe Like those supermarket offers where the extras make you wonder about the original selling proposition, the 'bonus track' - Adagio - added to the end of this latest CD from Katherine Jenkins, pictured below, might make waverers wonder what's wrong with the first dozen songs on offer.
The candidates are similar in many ways and both are claiming to already have seven or eight votes, leaving them scrambling around to try to secure the support of the remaining waverers in the next fortnight.
It is down to the team now to play in the last three games with a final flourish that gives waverers a more emphatic reason to fill them out.