waver between

waver between (someone and someone else)

to vacillate between choosing one person or another. I had to appoint the new manager, and I was wavering between Jane and Janet. We wavered between Bill and Bob for the position.
See also: between, waver

waver between (something and something else)

to vacillate between choosing one thing and another; to linger indecisively between doing one thing or another. The captain was wavering between St. Thomas and St. Croix. We wavered between chocolate and vanilla.
See also: between, waver
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Josh's uncertainty seems to waver between not believing Molly and not wanting to hurt his promising career and endorsements.
The words waver between the spiritual and the hokey, addressing both loss of innocence and subsequent repentance.
When Sims lifted Sayyed-Gaines, she seemed to waver between acquiescing and continuing onward.
Counts seemed to waver between the less pointedly political or philosophically grounded, visionary style of Richard Foreman (seemingly a strong inspiration behind this production) and the exigencies of creating a more accessible satire, all the while with an eye toward making every moment of every scene a work of art in itself.