wave at

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wave at someone

 and wave to someone
to move an upraised hand in such a way as to signal recognition to someone. The people in the boat waved at us. They waved to us after we waved at them.
See also: wave
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Near the shore, the ground causes the bottom of the wave to slow down, which makes the top curl over and break.
Waves bob up and down across the ocean, conveying kinetic (moving) energy from wave to wave--until some force slows the waves down and causes them to break.
And shallow water causes an incoming wave to rise, "trip," and break; waves don't break in deep water.
We are now close enough to the shock wave to see the bones and sinews of it," Hester says.
Photo: Earthquakes can often be distinguished from explosions by comparing the magnitude of one surface wave to that of a body wave (which travels deep in the earth) generated by an event.