wave around

wave something around

to raise something up and move it around so that everyone can see it. When Ruth found the money, she waved it around so everyone could see it. She kept waving around the dollar she found in the street.
See also: around, wave
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The Directorate-General of Meteorology and Air Navigation (DGMAN), which monitors weather conditions in Oman, predicted that the heat wave around the country and adjoining areas would continue.
Talented soprano Renee Fleming lends her voice to renditions of Strauss, Dvorak and Smetana as flags wave around the hall and the evening builds to an emotional crescendo with Arne's Rule, Britannia!, Parry's Jerusalem, Elgar's Pomp And Circumstance March No 1 In D Major ('Land Of Hope And Glory') and The National Anthem.
Children, and especially little girls, will adore the special appearance of a white pony on stage and be rushing home to wave around their own pink ribbons.
"Sales were on the crest of a wave around Christmas, and Tony McCoy winning BBC Sports Personality did great things."
Mirka Velinovska from Nova Makedonija says that the opposition has no credibility to wave around the broom in the Parliament.
Male fiddler crabs have a large specialised claw that they use to fight and wave around to attract mates.
HUMAN CHAIN: Climate change protestors forming a human wave around the Houses of Parliament in central London as tens of thousands of people joined in demonstrations calling for action on climate change ahead of crunch UN talks in Copenhagen
"In the last round of the cup it was the first time in my two years with the club that I saw a Mexican Wave around The Hawthorns.
But take away the impulse to wave around plastic male genitalia in a castration gag, and you have some superb performers, such as the athlete in black on the slack rope and the two impressive oriental contortionists who might well have come to this circus direct from Cirque du Soleil.
The developers are exploring using an array of horns to ease the flow of oil during the extraction process by focusing acoustic energy to produce a shock wave around the bore well.
This was a highly spirited crowd, many of whom had made hand-painted signs to wave around proclaiming such sentiments as "Get Guns Out of Our Schools" and "Keep Drugs From Our Children."
They also leave the shock wave around each planet at approximately the same range of angles.
The 19-year-old had only recently been released from custody when he embarked on his crime wave around Wrexham, Mold Crown Court heard.
The sonic metamaterial uses cubes and octagons to create holes that can then bend the wave around the structure.
If I'd had the foresight to have brought a couple of candles with me to wave around in the night sky during Goodnight Girl, it would definitely have been the best night of my life.