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The restrictions affect everything from watering landscapes and filling swimming pools to washing vehicles and hosing driveways and sidewalks.
Landscape watering is limited to once every seven days.
Residents and businesses in the Pomona Valley and western Inland Empire are being called upon to make plans to suspend outdoor watering and non-essential indoor water use while a major regional water pipeline undergoes urgent repairs during a seven-day shutdown beginning next Monday (June 7).
These steps include stopping outdoor watering of landscapes and lawns, hand-washing vehicles, refraining from filling of swimming pools or spas, and hosing down driveways and sidewalks from June 7 until the pipeline repairs are complete.
The presentation also included three former major league baseball stars representing Big League Dreams, which partnered with WEWAC to spread the water conservation message to larger audiences, especially as it relates to efficient watering of sports fields.
Existing watering methods have too many drawbacks," said AccuRain president and founder Galen Collins.
As Southlanders prepare for the annual ritual of turning back their clocks for daylight-saving time this weekend, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California wants them to consider rolling back their outdoor watering sprinklers, as well.