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NBC's Gaspin, while conceding that there's no way to quantitatively prove that viewers watching online are herded toward TV broadcasts, notes, ``You can only look at the aggregate numbers.
Perhaps surprisingly, the study found that more people watching TV online are watching news video (62 percent) than entertainment programming (50 percent).
And if you, like me, live on the outer fringes of DSL availability, then you're quite likely to experience a lot of glitches and freeze-frames when watching lengthy programs.
Researchers discovered people 35 and older are watching television three times as much as people ages 18 to 34 and consuming nearly four times as much television news programming daily as their younger counterparts.
watching primetime Spanish-language television grew 96%
Over the past 10 years, teen audiences ages 12-17 watching
I blame television for destroying the joy of watching the Olympics on television.
By pressing the `pause' button, the television action is saved onto the hard disk, so when the viewer is ready to resume watching, they can pick up at exactly the point they had paused, without having to insert a vide tape or set the VCR.
Then Emma said, `You know I came across the United States in a covered wagon, and I'm watching them landing on the moon,' '' she said.
Joseph Miller of Tarzana was in Houston, watching the moon landing closer than most people.
The Burke findings dispute recently published studies, which indicated as many as two-thirds (64 percent) of Internet users surveyed said they spent less time watching TV than they did six months earlier.
When asked to compare their current television viewership usage with their typical monthly television viewership, 23 percent of respondents said they spent less time watching television in the past month, while the same level (22 percent) reported they are watching more television in the current month compared to a typical month.
I don't know if a 10-year-old boy should be watching that,'' Haberkorn said.
So I put my foot down on Lindy watching anything without asking me first,'' she said.
While Lindy finds that most of the people and situations addressed on the show ``are fake,'' she still believes that watching them ``makes me more aware of the world.