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One who often checks the time during an activity or event, as due to boredom and/or a desire to leave. He's a total clock-watcher, so I doubt that he likes his job.


someone -- a worker or a student -- who is always looking at the clock, anticipating when something will be over. There are four clock-watchers in our office. People who don't like their jobs can turn into clockwatchers.

bird watcher

n. a girl watcher; someone, usually a man, who enjoys watching women go by. You bird watchers should just mind your own business!
See also: bird, watcher

clock watcher

n. someone—a worker or a student—who is always looking at the clock. People who don’t like their jobs can turn into clock watchers.
See also: clock, watcher
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The BBC celebrated the first anniversary of its Weather Watchers and Sandie was invited to Sutton Park near Birmingham on Friday to chat to Carol and show some of her photographs.
By far the most common form of voter fraud - involving mail-in ballots - only occurs outside of the polls and away from the eyes of any potential poll watchers.
Louisiana allows candidates to appoint one poll watcher per precinct, but also allows them to appoint one "super watcher" who can serve as a poll watcher in any precinct in which the candidate's name is on the ballot.
The campaign aims to encourage people across the UK to discover how increasing activity levels can help you to lose weight and improve health and wellbeing, There's no better time to discover a slimmer new you for summer so try the new Weight Watchers Discover Plan from Weight Watchers for free
A new species of advocate, charity watchers have fashioned a mini-industry out of publicly-available information regarding nonprofit public charities.
The trap draw for the final is: 1 Rebel Watcher, 2 Give And Go, 3 Borna Pilot, 4 Mustang Buster (w), 5 Droopys Agassi (w), 6 Borna Dasher (w).
Beaten only once in the Shelbourne showpiece, Rebel Watcher came from way back to clinch the decider by a length in 29.
Weight Watchers also is working to remove artificial ingredients from its products and will offer free memberships to teens this summer, part of a bid capitalize on growing demand for weight-loss services.
O'Neil reported on a racially and geographically diverse group of 563 overweight or obese adults with inadequately controlled type 2 diabetes who were randomized to the off-the-shelf commercial Weight Watchers program featuring regular community meetings and online tools enhanced with telephone and email consultation with a certified diabetes educator, or to a control group who got an initial face-to-face diabetes nutrition counseling visit with follow-up written information materials.
The perhaps well-intentioned but tasteless marketing ploy was released in preparation for the company's new program, Weight Watchers Black, which focuses on diet and nutrition as it relates to sex.
However, Maria had to overcome her initial nervousness when she turned up for her first Weight Watchers meeting in July last year.
Due to fund constraints, volunteers for watchers are urged to fend for themselves, an uncommon move in Philippine elections where candidates provide food and allowance for their watchers.
Julia Westgarth Weight Watchers Julia Westgarth Weight Watchers CHICKEN Breast With Capers and Lemon Serves one 3 SmartPoints(r) values per serving.
The five 5KU lineup consists of Weight Watchers Oat Clusters with Almonds (120 calories per serving; PointsPlus value of 3 per serving); Weight Watchers Whole Grain Honey Nut Toasted Oats (120 calories, PointsPlus value of 3); Weight Watchers Frosted Shredded Wheat With Protein (210 calories, PointsPlus value of 5); Weight Watchers Oat Clusters With Cherries and Almonds (120 calories, PointsPlus value of 3); and Weight Watchers Chocolate Frosted Shredded Wheat (210 calories, PointsPlus value of 5).
I would love to attend a Weight Watchers meeting to lose weight, but my husband insists I am throwing my money away.