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Rosa watched over her tulip as a mother over her child, or a dove over her eggs.
For seven days Boxtel in vain watched Rosa; she was always at her post.
Powerless to recover their lost treasure by open force, the three guardian priests followed and watched it in disguise.
And as he watched he envied the birds, and wondered why he should be a thrall while they were free.
And she, walking under the tender green of the May trees, looked upward, and listened to their sweet songs, while James watched her and loved her more and more.
30 To the shops we would go for sweets I watched you getting excited Giving you these little treats.
6 : to stay awake <She watched at the sick child's bedside.
Since 1982, the institute, a folksy operation, has been marketing the accouterments necessary for warning criminals that they are being watched.
They've watched a cute little bear get blown to smithereens, seen a boy toast marshmallows over a burning Vietnam Vet, and heard another call his school bus driver a "fat ugly bitch.