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I watched you riding your bike I watched you take a fall I watched you take a tumble I watched you kick a ball Your 1st job, your 1st date Oh
They've watched a cute little bear get blown to smithereens, seen a boy toast marshmallows over a burning Vietnam Vet, and heard another call his school bus driver a "fat ugly bitch.
But before any of us could savor the laughs from that hour of programming, the brain trust of network television was kind enough to tell me why I had watched it and why I had enjoyed the show so much.
News clips, viewed by 66% of those surveyed, are the most commonly watched type of online video, followed by movie clips and trailers at 49%.
Researchers from Ball State's Center for Media Design recently observed the media consumption habits of 101 people, discovering that people watched more news from 6 to 10 a.