watch your mouth/tongue

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watch (one's) mouth

To be very mindful or cautious about what one says; to control what one says in order to avoid offensive language. Watch your mouth! I don't care how you speak at home, that's not how we talk here. After being threatened with detention for my snide remarks in class, I knew I had to watch my mouth for the rest of the semester.
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watch your ˈmouth/ˈtongue

be careful what you say in order not to offend somebody or make them angry: Now, you just watch your mouth around your grandparents, Billy! OPPOSITE: shoot your mouth off (about something)
See also: mouth, tongue, watch
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25/min) Leo July 23 - August 22 WATCH your tongue and actions or you could trigger off a row over some trivial incident that would normally be overlooked.
The Audi R8 is a complete package which delivers sharp responses, adhesive grip and brakes so powerful you can watch your tongue fly out of your mouth as you utter an expletive when you hit the middle pedal.
gt;> Watch your tongue - Don't interrupt people when they are talking.
Accompanying her faxed statements, Ebadi sent samples of the threat notes, one of which warned her against making speeches abroad, saying: "We have warned you many times to watch your tongue, but despite the warnings you are talking.
But, while you shouldn't make any excuses for his father, for the boy's sake, try to watch your tongue and don't bad mouth his dad.
If you happen to be sitting anywhere near her - watch your tongue.