watch for (someone or something)

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watch for (someone or something)

1. To be aware of one's surroundings in order to look for or be aware of someone or something. Watch for slippery rocks on that trail—I've fallen there several times. I always watch for deals when I'm shopping. Watch for Luke—he should be here somewhere.
2. To wait for someone or something in anticipation or expectation. I've been watching for the delivery man all day—I don't want to miss him again. He's been watching for a chance to sell his stake in the company for months now.
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watch for someone or something

to keep looking for someone or something to appear. Watch for me. I'll be wearing a red carnation in my hair. I will watch for the bus.
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watch for

1. To look or observe attentively or carefully in order to spot someone or something: The hikers watched for birds.
2. To look and wait expectantly or in anticipation for someone or something: I was watching for an opportunity to sell the stock.
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Meantime, tie up loose ends and watch for someone dragging their heels, but stay cool, listen well and you'll succeed.
They tell the eldest to sit upriver, wait and keep watch for someone from the village.
She looked at me closely and then told me to just watch for someone. Then she went back to the kitchen and came back with a bag that had way more than my sandwich in it.
Well, watch for someone trying to make you feel so.
Watch for someone standing alone while others are socializing.
Watch for someone who's a force of nature, and if you are unsettled, step back to take an overview.