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waste (someone)

slang To kill or murder someone. Grab your piece and go waste that fool. They sent a hitman to go waste the informant.
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waste someone

Sl. to kill someone. The thief tried to waste the bank guard after the bank robbery. The crook said, "Try that again, and I'll waste you!"
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tv. to kill someone. (Underworld.) The mob’s triggers sped by in a car and wasted four pushers.
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But consider the waste in time and energy incidental to making ten thousand varieties of a thing for purposes of ostentation and snobbishness, where one variety would do for use!
Then again, consider the waste of time and energy required to sell these things in a dozen stores, where one would do.
Can't waste ammunition." And as he saw the bear apparently upon the verge of deciding to charge him, he encouraged the idea by backing rapidly away, knowing that an angry beast will more often charge one who moves than one who lies still.
"Mightily obliged to you--awful waste of ammunition, really."
The absence of human forms would have scarce created a sensation in the bosom of one so long accustomed to solitude, had not the site of the deserted camp furnished such strong memorials of its recent visitors, and as the old man was quick to detect, of their waste also.
This is man's wish, and pride, and waste, and sinfulness!
Whenever I have heard the hymn since, it has made me remember that white waste and the little group of people; and the bluish air, full of fine, eddying snow, like long veils flying:
Safety of staff patient and dependent community is related to proper waste disposal so it is mandatory for protection of all.615 Disposal of hospital waste is an extremely serious problem in Pakistan.16 By applying proper medical waste management system risks from these wastes can be decreased.16 Despite this concerned people are not aware of the gravity of situation.10 In Pakistan studies regarding hospital waste disposal practice have been done in a number of hospitals in different cities but local data regarding this practice in our district is not available.
This may include various standards covering production and consumption for source reduction, segregation at source, storage and collection of various types of solid wastes, transportation, treatment, final disposal, and recycling and recovery.
The city has implemented the 'no segregation, no collection' waste management policy in a bid to reduce dumping of wastes in its controlled dumpsite in Bonuan Tondaligan.
The recent amendment to the classification of plastic wastes under the Basel Convention, an international treaty, will help Malaysia restrict the import of such wastes from other countries more effectively, said Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC) Minister Yeo Bee Yin.
All the wastes are transported into the workshop and unloaded onto the plate feeder.
Other categories of wastes that require special consideration are electronic waste, hazardous waste and medical waste.
Among the commonly-used treatment methods is the conversion of agricultural and organic wastes into organic fertilizers that help advance the agricultural sector in the emirate, it added.
The strategies noted that public awareness about e-waste among electronic appliance consumers was still at a low level, with people lacking the knowledge that these wastes are hazardous and need proper disposal.