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I have pointed out some of the negative wastes of competition," answered the other.
The absence of human forms would have scarce created a sensation in the bosom of one so long accustomed to solitude, had not the site of the deserted camp furnished such strong memorials of its recent visitors, and as the old man was quick to detect, of their waste also.
This is man's wish, and pride, and waste, and sinfulness
ratification of the Basel Convention, an international treaty drafted in 1989 that aims to prevent hazardous wastes from being dumped in the developing world (wastes exported for reuse and recycling are allowed under the treaty, however).
Any plastics, pathological or liquid wastes are reduced to a mound of treated material that is biologically inert.
PALMDALE - Looking to make it easier for Antelope Valley residents to dispose of motor oil and other wastes, the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster, Los Angeles County, and Waste Management are joining together to create a household hazardous waste collection center.
According to the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA), a nonprofit trade association, solid waste disposal represents a $43.
One of the target areas is the improper characterization of spent foundry wastes as non-hazardous.
Changes to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) also put a greater burden on companies delivering hazardous wastes, reducing their ability or resolve to use exchange services.
But there's a catch: The renters are a group of nuclear power companies that want to use the land to store nuclear wastes - wastes that remain potentially harmful for thousands of years.
A growing number of people are now betting that the process of converting toxic materials into glass, called vitrification, can offer new options for disposing of asbestos and other hazardous wastes, even nuclear wastes.
In the hierarchy of wastes, hazardous is rated as more dangerous than infectious.
The Court suggested three nondiscriminatory alternatives for limiting the disposal of hazardous wastes:(1) a per-ton additional fee on all hazardous waste disposed in the state; (2) a per-mile tax on all vehicles transporting hazardous waste within the state; or (3) an evenhanded cap on the total tonnage disposed in the state.
Disposal of infectious wastes in sanitary landfills.
What they leave behind will no doubt include yard wastes - but also less biodegradable and less sightly garbage.