waste your breath

waste (one's) breath

To talk of, discuss, or say things that are likely to be ignored or are in vain. Don't bother trying to change my mind about this, you're wasting your breath! It looks like I wasted my breath trying to pitch my idea to the board of directors.
See also: breath, waste

waste your breath

talk or give advice without effect.
See also: breath, waste

waste your ˈbreath (on somebody/something)

speak to somebody or about somebody/something but not have any effect: Don’t waste your breath on her. She doesn’t take advice from anybody.I feel like I’m just wasting my breath trying to explain things to him.
See also: breath, waste
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Don't waste your breath, they're just paying us lip service.
Trevor Fenton Jason Williams Lee Thomas Iain Lissaman Gail Brannigan It won't happen, so I shouldn't bother, you need high influence and lots of cash, so don't even waste your breath.
ES, Llandaff, Cardiff LINDA SAYS: Don't waste your breath on keeping the lady informed.
So, by all means, marvel at the whole bejewelled shooting match, but don't waste your breath asking yourself why something like Meydan can't happen here.
Don't waste your breath on faces who you know are gossiping for the sake of it.
Don't waste your breath, Gareth Thomas, by asking people not to "throw mud" as if you were some bunch of poor, hard-done-by fellows.
So please, direct your campaign at the administrator and the Football League, if necessary, but don't waste your breath or time on anyone at Sisu.
And especially don't waste your breath pretending you're not going to watch it this year.
The President, exiled in 1973 but now pardoned said: "The answer is no - so don't waste your breath.
But as they can't, or won't, then don't waste your breath on them.
So if anybody wants to point out that, in paragraph 2, 'The way you do' is a subordinate clause and should not begin with a capital letter, don't waste your breath.
Don't waste your breath trying to explain why you're going, but you don't visit for at least another month.
I WOULDN'T waste your breath because he doesn't want to listen.
Don't waste your breath because I won't be answering any questions on it.
And before you say 'aaahh' and sigh with sympathy for lonely old me (that's if you had a bit of goodwill left over from Christmas) please don't bother to waste your breath.