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If the contents of shipping containers are purchased by weight, not by the combined value of what's inside them, then waste can be transported by "averaging" the load.
The system was an effective way to treat waste but there were some technical flaws including the make-up of the pressure vessel itself, which meant medical waste had to be manually loaded, "which is a no-no in the industry.
The DEQ has released a series of solid waste reports that emphasize the need for a comprehensive solid waste strategy to be enacted in Michigan that addresses reducing waste generation, diverting materials from disposal, ensuring appropriate disposal capacity and applying safeguards to protect public health and the environment when disposal does occur.
Potter and his twin brother, Jamie, both residents of the Los Angeles area, which was 20 miles away from the center of the quake, saw an increased demand for removal of solid waste material.
Though Minnesota has not, like Massachusetts, banned TV and computer cathode ray tubes (CRTs) from its landfills, Tony Hainault of the state Office of Environmental Assistance says there has long been sentiment there to get old electronics out of the waste stream.
This opportunity is being promoted by local officials looking for an inexpensive material to improve the property, and state solid waste officials have approved the use of foundry sand for these purposes.
1, 1994, most observers touted hazardous waste treatment as one of the industries that would most benefit from increased foreign investment.
Through an innovative waste management program that controls and tracks each aspect of the waste removal and recycling process, HVS-R/E Hospitality Waste Management Systems tailors its services to individual hotels' needs in order to significantly lower the cost of solid waste removal, free management resources to focus on core business issues, streamline operations, and centralize waste recycling and disposal functions.
Aware that imposing such standards on the small incinerators used for medical waste could be very costly, and that the requirements could force hospitals and nursing homes to abandon the use of incineration in favor of dumping medical waste in commercial landfills, the experts dragged their heels.
Reaching temperatures of more than 1,000[degrees]C, the melter heats the waste material along with a batch of borosilicate glass.
The Court noted that there was no challenge to the state's purposes of limiting hazardous waste disposal to protect the environment and health of its citizens, but concluded that the state could have used nondiscriminatory means to accomplish these goals.
These rules, which apply to all camps, specify that proper disposal of potentially infectious waste must be ensured.
In the context of the solid waste crisis more people consider recycled paper as those grades which include a percentage of "post-consumer" waste materials and waste paper (see sidebar concerning definitions).