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Utilizing Waste for Energy Generation - An Emerging Trend II-14
Puckett speculates this might be because waste volumes there aren't yet high enough to realize profits from recovery.
Smith & Thompson is registered as a hazardous waste transporter but is not licensed to store waste, court documents show.
Further, the proposed regulations would eliminate the no-value test, which says that material can't qualify as solid waste unless the material is used, useless or unwanted and has no market value.
But such examples of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) are business-as-usual throughout Europe, where the concept of legislatively mandating manufacturers to take responsibility for the waste they create has taken firm root.
EPA targeted the foundry industry's hazardous waste management as an enforcement priority.
In the past, Waste Management's outreach efforts were limited to the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club, with a few checks written to the local nonprofit groups.
In the state of Florida, despite the fact that traditional recyclables are not defined as part of the waste stream according to state of Florida laws, there are some concerns with the imposition of franchise arrangements in certain cities.
In fact, Mexico now has fewer landfills for hazardous waste than it did before the trade agreement, with only one legal facility operating in the entire country
From the very onset of the program, HVS-R/E Hospitality Waste Management Systems manages all aspects of the hotel's solid waste disposal - from renegotiating service arrangements to continuous cost-control monitoring and serving as the customer service department for each property in the management system.
The EPA was sued for failing to comply with the 1990 Clean Air Act, and a federal judge ordered the agency to propose standards for medical waste incinerators by February 1, 1995, with final standards in place by April 1, 1996.
The waste is trapped in the glass, like the green color in a beer bottle," says Prince.
As a result, camps are identifying the need to rework their procedures for handling waste from their health centers.