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waste (someone)

slang To kill or murder someone. Grab your piece and go waste that fool. They sent a hitman to go waste the informant.
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waste someone

Sl. to kill someone. The thief tried to waste the bank guard after the bank robbery. The crook said, "Try that again, and I'll waste you!"
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tv. to kill someone. (Underworld.) The mob’s triggers sped by in a car and wasted four pushers.
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Based on City Ordinance 1929-2009, commonly known as the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management in Dagupan City, solid wastes shall be segregated into three categories -- recyclable wastes which consist of plastics, bottles, and cartons; special wastes such as paint, batteries, home appliances, and hospital wastes; and residual wastes such sanitary napkins and disposable diapers.
'Cambodia is not a dustbin where foreign countries can dispose of out-of-date waste,' declared Ministry of Environment spokesperson Neth Pheaktra.
She said Malaysia has become the main destination for contaminated plastic waste imports from foreign countries since China banned the import of plastic wastes last year (2018).
January was chosen as Zero Waste Month because this was the month when Republic Act No.
Keep separate containers for dry and wet waste in the kitchen.
Historically, waste has been viewed solely as a problem.
He said that a double chamber incinerator was present at the Allied Hospital which had a capacity to dispose of 120kg medical waste per hour and daily 450kg waste was being disposed of.
The municipality has carried out a number of campaigns to raise awareness among the community about the dangers of waste in certain areas.
aThe construction of an integrated system for domestic waste treatment in Sofia started 10 years ago.
This included municipal solid waste, green waste and bulky waste from residential areas, animal waste from farms, slaughterhouse waste and low volume demolition and construction waste.
Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) collected more than a million tonnes of waste from across the emirate of Abu Dhabi in the first half of the year, a statement from the centre said on Monday.
According to him, Zoomlion has the equipment, capacity, and the human resource to manage waste in the country.
There are nearly 3,000 hospital beds in Islamabad and more than 7,500 kilograms of hospital waste is generated every day at the rate of 2.5kg of waste per bed per day, according to World Health Organisation and Health Services Academy Islamabad described criteria.
Professor Oladele Osibanjo, President, Waste Management Association of Nigeria, and one-time head of Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Africa, in this interview with PAUL OMOROGBE, makes a case for the move from mere waste disposal to waste management in order to reduce waste disposed, create wealth, and mitigate climate change in Nigeria.
Cimatu urged LGUs to plan ahead and ensure proper waste disposal, particularly in tourist destinations.