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solitary wasp

A type of wasp that does not live in a social colony. My sister is an entomologist currently studying the behavior of solitary wasps.
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1. n. a white Anglo-Saxon protestant. (Usually derogatory. Acronym.) Would you call Pete a WASP?
2. mod. having to do with white Anglo-Saxon protestants; waspish. What a silly old WASP idea.
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Think school teacher" she has said about her tight skirts, waspy waists and plunging necklines.
Though she cooks like an angel and sweetly does the housework for him, he finds her dull and has feelings for a WASPy colleague, Julia.
The Waspy wealthy Scooter answers before Erica has a chance to explain, "Radclyffe Hall, to be exact
The Harvard-educated young president was in many ways more WASPY than the WASPS; Catholics perceived through Kennedy a chance to enter mainstream American society, on equal footing with Protestants but also saw that in doing so they would have to put aside their particularities.
It shows the actor dressed as an aviator along with a WASPy everyman exhibitor; together they push the Kaiser through a meat grinder, with money pouring out the bottom and filling a container labeled "box office.
This autumn, dedicated followers of fashion will be encouraged to emphasise big boobs and bums and tiny, waspy waists in order to conform to the latest edicts laid down by the style police.
In fact, Van Sant indicates that his alter ego in Idaho is Scott, the heterosexual: "'Like Scott, I'm hanging out on the streets, trying to get to know this clandestine scene, but I'm really just a Waspy white kid who has no business there'" (ibid.
He worries that these Latinos will never assimilate as well as preceding European ethnic hordes did into the WASPy New Jerusalem of the U.
Coming to the starched, stressful and WASPy Post was for Mary' in her own words, "a culture shock.
Let's say I chose this big Waspy, white FBI guy and a Muslim guy to interrogate.
In alternating chapters, Rose remembers his childhood in a WASPy Connecticut town where he, in his own way, had to find hiding places both real and imagined--a narrative device that enhances the suspense of the memoir and gives us a sense of Rose's sometime unsure place in the Jewish world.
Executives know that Bond is perceived as being too stiff, too WASPy and too buttoned-up," said Hollywood writer Lorenza Munoz.
With an almost fetishistic attention to detail, Lauren made his name borrowing designs popular with the Waspy elite and making them available to those without the pedigree.
The other is Anne Baxter as a remarkably WASPy Egyptian princess, Nefretiri, flaring her nostrils, tossing her chin and crying, "Oh Moses, Moses, you stubborn, splendid, adorable fool