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solitary wasp

A type of wasp that does not live in a social colony. My sister is an entomologist currently studying the behavior of solitary wasps.
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1. n. a white Anglo-Saxon protestant. (Usually derogatory. Acronym.) Would you call Pete a WASP?
2. mod. having to do with white Anglo-Saxon protestants; waspish. What a silly old WASP idea.
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After you guys were done, movie stars weren't just tall waspy cowboys but short, soulful, ethnic types.
a WASPy, blue-chip American institution (for years the world's largest combined magazine and book publisher), and Steven J.
This had all been studied by me when I first came to New York and the so-called WASPY "upper class'' appeared in the local society pages printed in sepia or on brown pages reserved for such news.
Pine told the Spring 2013 issue of C for Men: "I'm just waspy enough.
A little waspy comment swishes out at precisely the wrong moment.
Waspy is fancied to land the hattrick in the 32RedBingo.
Think of the edgy pretty that's everywhere at the moment, but exaggerated prints - they're here to stay for now and the next few seasons structured shapes - autumn will see the waspy, ladylike shape in a new way.
THE STORY: In the 1970s, WASPy teenager Alice Tatnall accidentally sets fire to a friend's house and is branded "Arson Girl.
For spring 2010 though, he mined a kitschier chapter in American history, namely the waspy '80s floral prints of Lilly Pulitzer.
Annie Hall (1977) This movie is significant because it captures the anxiety of an interethnic romance between the Midwestern WASPy gentile princess and the urban, neurotic New York Jewish male.
Biskind then raises the stakes with unflattering remarks about Weinstein's background and relationship with his WASPy ex-wife Eve Chilton: "Chilton was the first rung of the ladder that helped Harvey climb out of the Queens [New York City borough] Shtetl [a small Jewish village] where he grew up", reported Biskind.
But Robert Redford, for example, was a WASPy kid from Santa Monica; people from that background could gravitate to either party.
I attempted to resist paying too much attention to the constraints of that decade,'' adds ``Secretary'' star Gyllenhaal, whose Giselle in this film is one of the WASPy college's token Jewish attendees - and a young woman already liberated before her time.
Now a hot-shot lawyer on the partner track, he moves his wife Mabel (GOLDBERG) and their two kids out of their mixed lower middle class town and into the posh, WASPy enclave of Greenwich, Connecticut.