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solitary wasp

A type of wasp that does not live in a social colony. My sister is an entomologist currently studying the behavior of solitary wasps.
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1. n. a white Anglo-Saxon protestant. (Usually derogatory. Acronym.) Would you call Pete a WASP?
2. mod. having to do with white Anglo-Saxon protestants; waspish. What a silly old WASP idea.
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"Wasps quickly get inebriated and this is typically when you can expect them to be more aggressive and likely to sting."
But don't diss the wasp too much because: Wasps are good for the garden Wasps are hugely beneficial to the garden, says RHS principal entomologist Dr Andrew Salisbury.
Alternatively go for flowers such as pennyroyals, geraniums and marigolds, which smell nasty to wasps at the same time as producing beautiful blooms for you to admire.
Not only do wasps play a vital ecological role in that they control the numbers of potential pests such as greenfly and many caterpillars, they are also valuable pollinators.
"Another thing I have noticed is that when we respond to an inquiry to deal with a wasp problem, we are often finding there are two nests - the frequency of that has increased markedly."
Saaksjarvi of the University of Turku, a professor in biodiversity research, said they were still studying which spiders the new parasitoid wasp prefers.
In the UK, we mainly get common wasps (Vespula vulgaris) and German wasps (Vespula germanica).
Wasps can be a pest and a nuisance as we get towards the warmer months, and it can be a real pain getting rid of them if they make their home inside your home.
The ministry issued the warning after TV programs showed people hunting for wasps and their nests and then mixing them with soju at home.
ALK uses wasp venom to make drugs for the preventive treatment of patients who are allergic to wasp stings.
Scientists observing a queen and her offspring say the young were taking pages from their wasp leader's playbook, copying her behavior in situations where the insects were threatened.
Field work was conducted between May to November, 2015, which was the wasp active season.