wash off

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wash off

1. To become quickly cleaned of dirt or residue by rinsing or scrubbing them or it with soap and water. I've been out digging in the garden all morning, so I'd like to wash off before we go anywhere.
2. To have the ability to become quickly or easily cleaned of dirt or residue by rinsing or scrubbing them or it with soap and water. These play mats are made of plastic, so they wash off pretty easily.
3. To have the ability to be quickly or easily removed by rinsing or scrubbing with soap and water. It's just a bit of mud, Mom—it'll wash off!
4. To quickly or lightly clean someone or something of dirt or residue by rinsing or scrubbing them or it with soap and water. A noun or pronoun can be used between "wash" and "off." We'll need to wash off the side of the house and let it dry before we start painting. The dog is covered in mud, so take him out back and wash him off before you let him back into the house. We've been at the beach all day, so I just want to wash the kids off before we go out for dinner later.
5. To clean dirt or reside off of someone or something by spraying or flushing them or it with a liquid, especially water. A noun or pronoun can be used between "wash" and "off." Be sure to wash the mud off your boots before you bring them into the house. I'm going to take a quick shower to wash the dirt and sweat off me.
See also: off, wash

wash someone or something off

to clean someone or something by washing. She washed the muddy children off with a hose and put their clothes right into the washing machine. Jane washed off the children.
See also: off, wash

wash something off (of) someone or something

 and wash something off
to clean something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) I have to wash this tomato sauce off my jacket before it stains it. I will wash off the tomato stains.
See also: off, wash

wash off (someone or something)

 and wash off of (someone or something)
to be carried off of or away from someone or something by the action of water or another liquid. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The dirt washed off of the floor easily. The label washed off this can, and now I don't know what's in it.
See also: off, wash

wash off

1. To remove something by washing: I washed the dirt off. The cook washed off the grease.
2. To be removed by washing: The stain won't wash off. The dirt washed off easily.
3. To cleanse something by using water or other liquid to remove what is on it: Wash off the equipment before you put it away. I washed the dishes off and set them in the rack.
4. To cleanse oneself by using water or other liquid to remove what is on one's body: I need to wash off before dinner.
See also: off, wash
References in classic literature ?
Now I say it ain't a-goin' to be more'n two hours befo' this wrack breaks up and washes off down the river.
The back is fine, but the front just washes off. Any idea how to adhere the coating?
It simply washes off at night and really does do miracles for legs.
The makers say it washes off easily with soap and water but we found it best using Latex/plastic gloves to apply to avoid orange hands.
when she washes off the face she had the day before.
Play 'n Wash Paint easily and quickly washes off skin and fabric using soap and water.
He said: "They say the pen is permanent but it washes off.
Lawmakers in North Carolina have approved a plan to build a cistern to collect thousands of gallons of rainwater that currently washes off the pyramid roofs of the Legislative Building into the storm sewers of Raleigh.
This product has a non-hazardous formulation is non-irritating to the skin, and has the ability to emulsify into water making it ideal for machines using coolants, as it easily washes off into the coolant system.
Let it soak in for a few minutes, and then rinse off in the shower without rubbing (be careful, the shower floor can get slippery as the oil washes off).
A landscaped rooftop also captures some 50 percent of the rainfall that washes off a shingled roof.
Carbomask Camouflage face paint is a smooth, water-based gel suspension that is nosy to apply, comfortable to wear and washes off quickly with water.
It feels good when applied, leaves no streaks but washes off after showering.
"Instead of silk screening, we use a specialized machine where the ink impregnates the jersey so it never fades, cracks or washes off and, at the same time, it is completely breathable."
Adding soap can lower the surface tension so that the drops stay on longer, but eventually the soap washes off. Thus, most elastomers are swellable but not "wettable," says Isao Noda, a polymer scientist with Procter & Gamble in Cinnati.