wash your hands of somebody/something

(redirected from wash your hands of somebody)

wash your hands of

disclaim responsibility for.
This phrase originally alluded to the biblical description of Pontius Pilate, who, when he was forced to condemn Jesus to death, sent for a bowl of water and ritually washed his hands before the crowd as a sign that he was innocent of ‘this just person’ (Matthew 27:24).
See also: hand, of, wash

wash your ˈhands of somebody/something

refuse to deal with or be responsible for somebody/something any longer: After the way she’s behaved, I’m never going to help her again! I wash my hands of her!I can’t just wash my hands of the whole business. I’ve got responsibilities.This idiom refers to Pontius Pilate in the Bible, who refused to take a decision about what should happen to Jesus.
See also: hand, of, somebody, something, wash