wash away

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wash someone or something away

[for a flood of water] to carry someone or something away. The flood washed the boats away. The high water washed away much of the sand along the shoreline.
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wash something away

to clean something by scrubbing and flushing away the dirt. Fresh water will wash the seawater away. Let's wash away these muddy footprints.
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wash away

to be carried away by water or some other liquid. The bridge washed away in the flood. All the soil washed away and left the rocks exposed.
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wash away

1. To carry away or remove something by the action of moving water: The waves washed away the debris on the beach. Heavy rains washed the topsoil away.
2. To be carried away or removed by the action of water: Our boat washed away in the storm.
3. To eliminate some corruption or guilt: He tried to wash away his regret by getting drunk. She hoped to wash her guilt away by confessing to the crime.
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WHERE: In Los Angeles, the Wash America: Help Wash Away the Hurt will
With the new technique, the researchers can use water-soluble polymers, such as poly(ethylene oxide), which remain intact when organic solvents wash away the wax porogen, Ma says.
Each time I entered church, the font invited me to dip my hand into the water and cross myself, a gesture that was said to wash away the residue of venial sin.
Xlear Nasal Wash Helps Moisturize Nasal Passages and Wash Away Bacteria and Allergens before They Cause Infection or Trigger Allergic Reactions
But that promise will no doubt wash away with storm water.
Now, researchers have discovered that scouring a crystal's surface on an atomic scale can hasten dissolution, just as scrubbing a pot makes it easier to wash away the crud.
Rain is not uncommon in March, and heavy rain can wash away newly planted seeds in a vegetable garden.
Using mouth rinses or toothpastes that incorporate such mimics, people may one day be able to routinely wash away plaque makers before they can damage teeth, Taylor says.
No matter how many times a day we shampoo our hair, we will never be able to wash away the naturally occurring yeast that harbors on a healthy scalp," says Dr.
The extracts contained in these gels soften as they wash away old, flaky skin that can cause clogged pores," says Robinson.
The boat would get beached, or the river would wash away the boat and the camp kitchen if you weren't careful.
Workers were then stationed on the scaffolding surrounding the statue to wash away immediately any baking soda that leaked through.