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That parrot of yours, Marion, had escaped once again from its cage and was 'aving an argument with that cat which Captain Bassett has given to you.'
When I came upon the scene the cat was crouching in a corner, with his fur bristling and his back up, while Polly, standing before 'im, was telling 'im not to move or he would shoot.
He moved silently to the side of the man who bad risen now from the bed, and who was standing with his hand grasping the post and his eyes fixed upon Mr.
A decanter of wine, almost empty, was before Doctor Sarson, whose pallid cheeks, however, were as yet unflushed.
'I have come from a lady's work-box,' said Darning-needle, 'and this lady was a cook; she had five fingers on each hand; anything so proud as these fingers I have never seen!
The outside one, the Thumb, was short and fat; he was outside the rank, and had only one bend in his back, and could only make one bow; but he said that if he were cut off from a man that he was no longer any use as a soldier.
But is not this rather disgraceful, and a very considerable proof of what I was saying, that you have no interest in the matter?
I believe you," she said, but in such a manner--in the manner of which, at times, she was a mistress--and with such a note of disdain and viperish arrogance in her tone, that God knows I could have killed her.
There was a very slight smile upon her lips, the glimmer of something that was almost appealing, in her eyes.
"It was a long time ago, and it seems strange to me now."
I will even admit that in my younger days I was prejudiced against you.
But I am not as queer as I was before I began to like people and before I found the garden."
"Once upon a time," said the Linnet, "there was an honest little fellow named Hans."
He knocked at the door which was opened by his mother.
I am aware that within this disintegrating body which has been dying since I was born I carry a skeleton, that under the rind of flesh which is called my face is a bony, noseless death's head.