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The product is available in a wide selection of colors, can be tinted and is warrantable on select jobs.
Bryman (1984: 77) notes that quantitative and qualitative methodologies have different views about what passes as warrantable knowledge.
We try to get a warrantable product, one that the manufacturer has confidence that he could warrant for 10, 15, 20 years.
Probable" or "indicated" ore is ore that is exposed and sampled either on two or three sides and computed partly from specific measurements and partly from projection; some risk exists, however, with warrantable justification for assumption of continuity of the ore content throughout.
for it is not so easy, nor perhaps warrantable, to simplify Music, as to embroider & adorn it.
Moreover, Maxwell's `most warrantable assumption', namely the assumption that all physical phenomena can be explained in terms of material systems which obey the laws of mechanics, is, at least in Maxwell's opinion, certainly not an arbitrary mental abstraction', as Elkana suggests, but a necessary premise which is justified independently.
The new coverage is extended from the Mack powertrain, V-MAC electronic control system, and rear axle carrier, which had been previously covered, to include the complete vehicle (except vendor drivetrain components), from the bumper to the taillights, for any warrantable failure that disables the vehicle.
Sincere and warrantable dissent may occur in both areas.
128) and set out to close down any anticipated opposition to an argument by presenting it as maximally warrantable.
Tenders are invited for Remove and dispose of existing gutter and downspouts where indicated; provide new gutter and downspouts as indicated; provide new connections to existing sub grade drainage; replace damaged or deteriorated existing roof board insulation; provide new fluid applied roof coating and accessories to provide a complete, watertight, 20-year warrantable roof assembly.
Since August, Acer's clients will enjoy longer coverage on warrantable parts & repairs.