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(57) Susan Haack argues extensively that probabilities in the assessment of evidence are to be seen as "epistemic likelihoods" (rather than mathematical probabilities), buttressing the notion that the warrantability of beliefs (or attributions of knowledge) is the proper focus of evidence law ('The Embedded Epistemologist: Dispatches from the Legal Front" (2012) 25:2 Ratio Juris 206 at 217, 218ff).
However, it is nowhere near as simple as the Toulmin model, with its six elements and its resemblance to a flow chart in which reasonable warrantability runs from data through warrant and backing and back down, with qualifications, to claim, though a claim still subject to rebuttal.
The framework, represented in the form of a syllogistic model, indicates the degree of warrantability evident within research.
The present argument, by contrast, is that the thesis of psychological minimalism is rationally untenable--that it is inconsistent with its own philosophical warrantability. For it entails (via Theses 1 and 2) its own nonrobustness, whereas the existence of philosophically (hence a priori) sufficient grounds for a thesis entails its exertion of cognitive command.
Both social scientists and policymakers have a lot to learn about how these variables operate interactively in field settings and even how to measure them so as to increase the empirical warrantability of the growing theoretical consensus.
In response to the former assumption, Tilley argues that those who consider the nature and warrantability of a religious faith need to appreciate all that it involves and, in particular, its practical aspects.