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One way for companies considering issuing warrants to avoid this problem is to have a separate warrant arrangement for the capital investment related to the offering.
Although the value of the warrants is still to be determined, this case addresses several issues that can surround a corporate acquisition that, on paper, seems to be a simple stock purchase.
If the warrant is overly broad or ambiguous, your counsel may want to ask the court to quash the warrant.
The Planning Division had provided an alphabetized list of warrants divided into precincts.
By the time the warrants were transferred to Taxpayer's affiliate, their value had increased substantially; nevertheless, the controlled corporation sold the warrants at the price the investment hanker had determined.
The warrant transaction was the same transaction as in Sun (Computervision was Sun's customer).
Some courts would consider whether a telephonic search warrant was available to officers when determining if there was an emergency justifying a warrantless entry.
Many nonpublic and closely held companies issue debt with an equity kicker, such as a warrant.
This article examines the emergence of the sneak and peek warrant as a viable law enforcement technique and reviews cases that have addressed the legal issues involved in the execution of such warrants.
12, 1993, NMG's warrant ledger was updated to show the ownership change.
Given that searches conducted without a warrant are presumed to be unreasonable,(1) subject to a few exceptions, was the warrantless entry and search of the apartment lawful?