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red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning

A red sky at sunrise is a sign that bad weather will follow. The full phrase is "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight; red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning." I think we're going to get a bad storm today. Look at that sunrise—red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning.
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Scarborough warning

No warning. The phrase might refer to a surprise attack on the castle of Scarborough in the 16th century. Primarily heard in UK. Well, that thunderstorm came through with a Scarborough warning—it wasn't supposed to rain today at all.
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warning shot

1. Literally, the firing of a weapon to signal an impending attack and/or to urge the opponent into surrender. We're almost at the shore—send up a warning shot before we land.
2. By extension, something used to signal future events and/or to urge people into a particular course of action. This petition is just a warning shot, saying that we'll be arrested if we keep playing our music so loud. I say, turn it up!
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trigger warning

A statement at the beginning of an article or video advising that its content might be upsetting, especially for trauma survivors. At least that graphic article came with a trigger warning.
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a shot across the bows


a warning shot across the bows

COMMON A shot across the bows or a warning shot across the bows is something that someone does or says to show someone else that they are prepared to fight or compete with them, often if they continue to do what they are doing. `Bows' is pronounced with the same vowel sound as the word `how'. As a warning shot across the bows of their rivals, the company is already setting very low prices. This vote is a protest, a shot across the bows to the leadership, to show them that we're here. Note: You can also use the shorter expression a warning shot. The protest should act as a warning shot to the government. Note: People often use the verb fire before these expressions, and, less often, verbs such as deliver and send. Britain's agriculture minister departed from his prepared speech to fire a shot across Norway's bows. The electorate has sent a warning shot which our politicians must now take notice of. Note: The bows are the front part of a ship.
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a warning shot across the bows

a statement or gesture intended to frighten someone into changing their course of action.
Literally, a shot fired in front of the bows of a ship is one which is not intended to hit it but to make it stop or alter course.
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The State Department did not explain why it was issuing a new warning that did not appear substantively different from the previous one.
Progress since the last report in 2012 includes: Thailand increasing the size of picture warnings from 55% to 85%; Nepal implementing 75% picture warnings; Jamaica improving warnings from 33% text to 60% pictures; and, Uruguay implementing its 7th round of picture warnings (Uruguay's warning size is 80%).
warnings, which are text-only and printed on the side of cigarette packs, are stale and unnoticed.
Ideally, the instruction manual, packaging and warning labels should all be created or updated at the same time, to ensure consistency.
Seismic Warning Systems has been providing systems and services for early seismic detection and automated system response to commercial, industrial and government customers for twelve years.
Sunday: Yellow warning still in place until midday.
This is a bit surprising because studies in other countries have shown that pictorial warnings are effective in promoting smoking cessation among users.
Under the federal WARN Act, those companies that employ more than 100 people are required to issue a warning before instituting a layoff, but two years ago the state Legislature passed a law lowering the threshold to 75 workers, as well as attempting to put some teeth into the law.
The main difference between an analyst involved in warning intelligence and other analysts, is said to reside in the requirement that the former has to discern the intentions of others.
Listed companies in the region issued 10 profit warnings in the first quarter of 2007, the third highest number of profit warnings issued in the region in the last three years, and up 67% on the final three months of last year, when there were six.
Profit warnings in the West Midlands for the year to December 31 totalled 13 compared to 24 in 2005 - a fall of nearly 50 per cent - according to research released today by Ernst & Young.
He and other backers noted it would allow states to petition the FDA to include their warnings nationally.
The attackers' aim appears to be covert gathering and transmitting of commercially or economically valuable information," the warning stated.
Across the UK, 33% of warnings named `difficult market/trading conditions' as the reason behind the warning.
To give credence to Seibert's second confession, the Court would have had to reject their long-standing holding concern that anyone subjected to custodial interrogation is guaranteed "a full and effective warning of his rights.