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red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning

A red sky at sunrise is a sign that bad weather will follow. The full phrase is "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight; red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning." I think we're going to get a bad storm today. Look at that sunrise—red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning.
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Scarborough warning

No warning. The phrase might refer to a surprise attack on the castle of Scarborough in the 16th century. Primarily heard in UK. Well, that thunderstorm came through with a Scarborough warning—it wasn't supposed to rain today at all.
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warning shot

1. Literally, the firing of a weapon to signal an impending attack and/or to urge the opponent into surrender. We're almost at the shore—send up a warning shot before we land.
2. By extension, something used to signal future events and/or to urge people into a particular course of action. This petition is just a warning shot, saying that we'll be arrested if we keep playing our music so loud. I say, turn it up!
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trigger warning

A statement at the beginning of an article or video advising that its content might be upsetting, especially for trauma survivors. At least that graphic article came with a trigger warning.
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a shot across the bows


a warning shot across the bows

COMMON A shot across the bows or a warning shot across the bows is something that someone does or says to show someone else that they are prepared to fight or compete with them, often if they continue to do what they are doing. `Bows' is pronounced with the same vowel sound as the word `how'. As a warning shot across the bows of their rivals, the company is already setting very low prices. This vote is a protest, a shot across the bows to the leadership, to show them that we're here. Note: You can also use the shorter expression a warning shot. The protest should act as a warning shot to the government. Note: People often use the verb fire before these expressions, and, less often, verbs such as deliver and send. Britain's agriculture minister departed from his prepared speech to fire a shot across Norway's bows. The electorate has sent a warning shot which our politicians must now take notice of. Note: The bows are the front part of a ship.
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a warning shot across the bows

a statement or gesture intended to frighten someone into changing their course of action.
Literally, a shot fired in front of the bows of a ship is one which is not intended to hit it but to make it stop or alter course.
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10643, or the graphic health warnings law, the first set of graphic health warnings were issued and enforced by the DOH on March 3, 2016, and would be valid for two years.
Since 2012, Australia has also required large pictorial warnings that cover over 80 percent of the cigarette pack.
Unless everything that you have committed to do has been completed prior to sending in your Warning Letter response, it's important to keep FDA updated regularly.
Similarly, graphic warnings detract from the pack image, inform smokers, motivate quitting and reduce number of times people smoke while it costs little to governments and minimal costs to industry.
6%) of those who did not find the warning impactful also decreased their smoking.
The warning specifically cautions Muslims who have converted to other faiths about the dangers of arrest and prosecution for apostasy.
If these four pitfalls are considered ahead of time and appropriately prominent, informative and consistent warnings are given as to all reasonably foreseeable risks, there is a good chance that injuries and claims may be minimized and the ever-popular failure-to-warn claim will be avoided or successfully defeated.
Projected HH Weighted % (95% CI) Winter weather warnings and actions following hearing warnings Heard EC Warning 29,763 86.
Sunday: Visibility improves but yellow warning still in place until midday.
Our research shows that only fieldtested and effective pictorial warnings should be displayed on tobacco products.
Under the federal WARN Act, those companies that employ more than 100 people are required to issue a warning before instituting a layoff, but two years ago the state Legislature passed a law lowering the threshold to 75 workers, as well as attempting to put some teeth into the law.
To help countries fulfil the requirements of WHO-FCTC, WHO has established MPOWER, a package of technical assistance for six tobacco control policies: 1) monitoring tobacco use and prevention policies; 2) protecting persons from tobacco smoke; 3) offering help to quit tobacco smoking; 4) warning about dangers of tobacco; 5) enforcing bans on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship; and 6) raising taxes on tobacco.
2) Laur states that "(i)ndications and warning (I&W), or, simply warning intelligence, is an interdisciplinary field comprised of several types of intelligence and academic disciplines.
Nine companies warning this quarter have warned more than once in the last year.