warn against

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warn (one) against (something)

To caution one not to do something that is dangerous or risky. My mother always warned me against hanging out with hoodlums like you, and now I know why. Doctors are warning people against spending too much time in the sun this week lest they suffer dehydration or sunstroke.
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warn someone against someone or something

to advise someone against someone, something, or doing something. We warned them all against going to the region at this time. I warned her against Gerald.
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warn against

To advise someone that something is dangerous or problematic and should be avoided: I warned them against driving without seatbelts. The doctor warns against smoking.
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Stanley Hall, a psychologist, warn against teaching about homosexuality.
Chapters claim that starches, not fat, are what fuel heart disease; warn against the health risks of a vegetarian lifestyle (vitamin B12 deficiency is a problem that can only be remedied with supplements, and other important nutrients are much less likely to be consumed in a vegetarian lifestyle); and recommend interval-exercise and weight training for improved heart health rather than long-duration cardiovascular exercise.
The comedian, who features in a series of credit card advertisements that warn against throwing personal details in the bin, said he was embarrassed by his oversight.
The comedian, who stars in advertisements for credit card company Capital One that warn against throwing personal details in the bin, said he was embarrassed by his oversight.
Chapters address the challenges of striving for innovation, warn against the impracticality of "inside-the-box" advertisement, the importance of distinctive advertising (far more so than having a distinctive product
The revised guidelines warn against combining atazanavir + indinavir (possible worse hyperbilirubinemia), and FTC + 3TC (similar resistance profile, without additional benefit).
labels should warn against flushing patches or disposing of them carelessly, he says.
Two set points for high and low temperature limits energize large alarm lights to warn against out of bounds conditions.
In The Internet Bubble (HarperCollins), Anthony and Michael Perkins, founders of high-tech magazine Red Herring, warn against the euphoria and greed that characterizes the most dynamic and attractive industry of the moment, the frantic business of Internet startups.
Bright yellow placards warn against eating fish from the bay every day, and against pregnant women eating them at all.
Global Banking News-November 6, 2014--UK banks warn against splitting branch networks
We warn against ignoring the Sunni majority and the parliament majority," the leaders said in a statement.