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This French weakness forced Pakistan to not to isolate itself from the Anglo-Saxon bloc which more or less intervene in the journey of Franco-Pakistan warmness.
We shake hands and she does that thing where she puts her other hand on top for extra warmness cos she's pleased with me cos I've done it.
The spring months will blend With everything amongst the Soft warmness of the afternoon's Sun, so abrupt rabbits run.
We are ahead of the curve in the way that people perceive the warmness of the welcome that visitors get here in North Wales.
The rest of the summer you could see them, "the children and the old lady putting coldness into warmness, eating chocolate icicles, laughing.
The depth and warmness of their friendship are visible at all levels, he added.
Other typical signs and symptoms include parotid gland swelling, tenderness, erythema, and warmness.
According to Abu Arqoub, AoThe essence of festivities in general is gathering, warmness and care; for instance you donAAEt have to get your sister an expensive present or hand her more than you can handle of cash, but you can simply manage your finance to give her an amount with a huge smile on your face and sincere emotions.
BSAVA president Professor Ed Hall said: "The ICC in Birmingham remains the best conference venue I have ever attended, not just in terms of its facilities and professionalism, but also in the warmness of the welcome.
the way you engage with them, the way they engage with you, it's that warmness, it's that humanness, it's that listening, it's that caring, it's that empathy, it's that compassion .
Those of whom met her felt her warmness through her smile and kindness.
I learned about the warmness of the poor who give their hearts rather than materialism
But more and more, city dwellers are donning gardening gloves and hats as they grab trowels, soil scoops and snips and take to the soil to bring the warmness of color to dreary streetscapes from Los Angeles to Chicago to Atlanta.
Diplomacy, patience, genuineness, and warmness are essential.
Juan Babuta of the Northern Mariana Islands government, adding, ''Saipan itself will not change, but the people will have a warmness in their hearts as a result of this visit.