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Then, slowly, their stares embraced, melting the ice with their warmness.
We could not have predicted the warmness and hospitality from President Bush.
It was a wonderful gift of warmness for my son, and for my heart.
Shortly afterwards, Apple owners started reporting an alarming warmness in their groins whenever they used their iBooks, resulting in a 1.
He enjoyed the warmness of Robbie Fowler's wedding in Scotland.
Generous Dr Rao Kodali wants to thank the people of Skegness for the warmness they have shown him over the years by shipping a tusker from his native India at a cost of pounds 10,000.
The warmness and the kindness from people about this movie is wonderful.
While developing our Tru8[TM] processing to emulate the texture and warmness found in the original 8mm format, a majority of the time and energy was spent making sure that the color grade was as authentic as possible.
Sheikh Sabah then accompanied President Zardari to the Amiri airport to see off the Pakistani leader, a rare and special gesture which depicted the warmness of relations between the two countries.
Medical uses in Iraq: Balangu seeds used in soft drink to treat stomach warmness and intestinal troubles, and in treatment of abscesses (dimples).
The warmness of the reception given to the visiting Indian Prime Minister and his entourage at the White House, however, did not culminate in both sides giving final touches to the US-India civil nuclear cooperation deal, including the fuel reprocessing agreement, as was anticipated ahead of Manmohan Singh's four-day visit.
The Londoner has been mightily impressed by not only the facilities at Rockliffe Park and the Riverside but in the warmness of the Teesside welcome he's received "I walked into the club and it was full of smiles and people have looked after me," he said.
Pay attention to your body: the smiling reflex, a warmness in your heart, the flow of tension out of your neck.