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The State Department propaganda could easily have appeared on the website of an environmental group such as the National Resources Defense Council, which warns against global warming.
I can't help but wonder what people can do to slow the process of global warming.
STAY TUNED for the December 12 installment of Science World's global warming series from the Healy.
One place where the impact of global warming can be seen is in the enormous ice sheets covering Antarctica and Greenland.
Alaska's summer warming is best explained by an increase in the length of the state's snowfree season, Sturm and his colleagues report in the Oct.
It gives us the ability to actually predict the number of cases based on the historical record and climate variables," she says, adding that she is "hesitant to say flat out" that global warming is a major player.
While both studies could be wrong, they suggest the computer models may not adequately account for some important processes and may therefore overestimate future warming due to greenhouse gas increases.
Bretherton estimates that soot may contribute about 20% of overall greenhouse warming.
Global warming burst onto the nation's radar screen more than 10 years ago, on June 23, 1988, when NASA scientist James Hansen testified before the House of Representatives that there was a strong "cause-and-effect relationship" between observed temperatures and human emissions into the atmosphere.
The authors concluded: "Instead of silencing government climate experts, the federal government should take a cue from states like Massachusetts and become an active leader and partner in efforts to combat global warming.
Tiny organisms that lived in remote arctic lakes are adding evidence that large swaths of the Northern Hemisphere have been warming for many decades.