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bench warmer

n. a ballplayer who spends most of the game on the bench waiting to play; a second-rate player. You’ll never be anything but a bench warmer.
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and nose-warmer
n. a marijuana cigarette stub; a roach. (Drugs.) Hey, man! Can I have a hit of that little nose-burner? He quickly stubbed out a little nose-burner when he heard the garage door open.




1. n. a short tobacco pipe. Fred smokes a nose-warmer, especially in the winter.
2. Go to nose-burner.
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Incidents/Injuries: Family Dollar has received 11 reports of the warmers producing high flames, including two reports of burn injuries and three reports of property damage.
Much of Atlantic Canada will also get to experience warmer than normal temperatures, Phillips added.
FRIDAY: Much warmer with showers and thunder possible, maximum day temperature 18degC, minimum night 8degC.
Data from the National Climatic Data Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show that, while December of this winter was slightly warmer than December 2011, January's and February's average national temperatures this year were significantly colder than in 2012 (31.
The BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer has an AC adapter which, when plugged into a conventional outlet, can be used at home or at the office, as well as a car lighter adapter which can be used while traveling.
So let us treat you to a pair of free hand warmers, perfect to keep inside your gloves, pockets or even in the car.
Professor Sutton said in the past the length of the cool and warm periods has varied and the current warmer phase might end in a couple of years, but could go on for another decade.
This recall involves holiday-themed tea light candle warmers in the shapes of snowmen and gingerbread houses.
Respondents who thought that day was warmer than usual were more concerned about global warming than respondents who thought that day was colder than usual.
I'M glad we get milder winters, but I'd give anything for warmer summers.
The warmer keeps the product at the perfect temperature to keep the chocolate soft and gooey.
Chacott, striped stretch knit leg warmer, #3763-32806, $26
Windy conditions, with slightly warmer temperatures, are expected through the weekend, with a warmer storm system possibly developing next Wednesday.
We now have a better understanding of what a warmer world is potentially going to be like in the future," Arens says.
Warmer waters mean that ice is melting earlier and faster than in the past.