warm the cockles

warm the cockles of (one's) heart

To cause one to feel happy. The "cockles of one's heart" are the deepest part of oneself. Thank you so much—your kind words really warmed the cockles of my heart.
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warm the ˈcockles (of somebody’s ˈheart)

(British English) make somebody feel happy or sympathetic: Ah! It warms the cockles of my heart to see the children so happy.
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Fun and hugely heartwarming, Christopher Robin, PS9.99, is one to warm the cockles of the heart.
Will now just over a month to go until Christmas Day, the festive season is very much upon us and there's a new event arriving in Gateshead which is set to warm the cockles.
For the rest, here's a dreamy pudding that will warm the cockles on a winter's night.
From its earliest use, a cup of Darjeeling as partaken by the aristocracy in their stately piles, to the east end costermongers down the Ridley Road street market, a refreshing brew of wet and warm was guaranteed to 'warm the cockles of yer art mi son' from prince to pauper, the centuries have seen the fortunes of the rich and poor alike fluctuate with the tides, the one constant, has been the ability to brew up under any and all circumstances.
That will warm the cockles of Alan Campbell's heart as he prepares to defend the Tynemouth seat on June 8.
IT'S a story to warm the cockles of your heart and also shows the immense power of social media.
Ideal for sailors and visitors to winter boat shows, the humble heat pack has been repackaged to warm the cockles in the cold, soothe aches and pains and alleviate muscle and joint discomfort.
Because while we've had serious injury to elite cyclists and gymnasts, sinking rowers, drug scandals, security scares and transport chaos, there have been several stories to warm the cockles too.
This memory will warm the cockles of those old duffers during a game of boules.
ENJOY a weekend of stories, songs and music from Wales and beyond as the Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival returns for its second year to warm the cockles of chill winter hearts.
Fast Freddie, The Widow And Me is the kind of programme that's only ever shown at Christmas - the kind that will warm the cockles of even the most cynical-hearted viewers.
"will hear tonight news that will warm the cockles of their hearts," related
Glenys Dunworth, West Wickham Heart-warming stuff Monet's Garden - what a way to warm the cockles of one's heart on a crisp autumn afternoon.
As if that weren't enough to warm the cockles of your cold heart, the chief marketing officer of mega-consumer product maker Unilever told MediaWeek on Tuesday that the iPad is newspapers' savior.
Fill up a flask with hot chocolate - maybe with a dash of spirits in to really warm the cockles - grab a blanket, dress up snugly and head to your local park.