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And to the stern King his home seemed more desolate and sad; for he missed the warm light, the happy flowers, and, more than all, the gay voice and bright face of little Violet.
At length a warm wind swept through the gardens, and the mist-clouds passed away, while in silent wonder looked the Frost-King and the Elves upon the scene before them.
Past, present, and future mingled; and he went on oscillating across the broad, warm world, through high adventure and noble deeds to Her - ay, and with her, winning her, his arm about her, and carrying her on in flight through the empery of his mind.
We find that the western tropical Indian Ocean has been warming for more than a century, at a rate faster than any other region of the tropical oceans, and its SST values now match those of the warm pool at 28.
7 : near the object sought <Keep going, you're getting warm.
Some scientists speculate that the unusually warm Bering Sea water current that occurred in the summer of 2004 may have been to blame.
Stretching targets muscles and regions to lengthen muscles that are already warm.
As the atmosphere warms," Gelbspan continues, "it accelerates the evaporation of surface waters.
Installing the vapor barrier on the outside of the wall in Alaska results in warm air condensing its water against the exterior sheathing, resulting in rotting of the exterior wall.
Ultimately, the trouble with many of these retreats and programs was not the mode of introduction, but the fruits of the instruction, which were also invariably warm and fuzzy.
It is important to remember that few sweet cinnamon dishes exist in the Far East, but rather, they rely on their warm perfume and pepper quality in the preparation of such ingredients as Chinese five spice, curry blends, and garam masala.
Incorporated in 1997 by Thompson and Daniel Wolf, the company's chairman, Warm Spirit has found a niche in the herbal-based health and beauty products market for black women.
It was warm too, fooling the forsythias into behaving as if it were April.
3 : to become more interested than at first <They began to warm to the idea.