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class warfare

Conflict between different socio-economic classes The politician was accused of trying to promote class warfare with his comments about the haves and the have-nots.
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psychological warfare

The use of threats, intimidation, or other such tactics to try to bring about a particular outcome. The dropping of leaflets announcing the bombing campaign was really just psychological warfare. All right, I'll go to the family dinner if only to get mom to stop her psychological warfare. I can't stand the way she tries to guilt me!
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Competing concepts, perspectives and terminologies are being used to explain the phenomenon of hybrid warfare.
In the first four chapters of Antisubmarine Warfare from 1943, the authors evaluate submarine warfare and antisubmarine warfare during World War II in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
The GameFly product pages didn't show pricing for "Modern Warfare Remastered.
Air Warfare in Practice," the fifth chapter, covers the origins of particular roles in air warfare and describes the development of airpower thinking.
For online action, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare promises to strike with maximum impact in a world where every second counts as it delivers the future of warfare.
In view of the CNO's concern and recognizing that cyber is the fifth warfighting domain and of equal importance as the other domains: air, sea, land and space, Branch directed in February that the 52,000 member-strong Information Dominance Corps, be renamed the Information Warfare Community.
The Global Electronic Warfare Market 2015-2025 - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights: Market Profile" allows you to:
Gain insight into the Electronic Warfare market with current and forecast market values.
With respect to the issues stated in the editorial, warfare centers provide the program management offices with a rigorous review of cost and schedule to evaluate industry proposals.
Electronic warfare engineering consultant Poisel applies theoretical aspects of radio frequency antennas covered by other textbooks to electronic warfare systems, though he does review the necessary background material and technical parameters of the common types of antennas.
Commander,Naval Special Warfare Command, Coronado Calif.
Summary: Microsoft and Activision unveil an exclusive global console based on Infinity Ward's "Modern Warfare 2" with 250GB Hard Drive, more storage space than ever before
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But the service plans to remedy that by creating a new electronic warfare career field for officers, warrant officers and enlisted members.
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