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credenza ware

Business information or reports that are displayed for show but otherwise are largely ignored. (A "credenza" is a cupboard.) Apparently, the employee handbook is just credenza ware—no one has actually reviewed it in years.
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Software, such as a virus or spyware, that has a damaging effect on a computer system. IT is investigating now, but it seems that some evilware has compromised our system.
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Focuses on the key global Luxury Ceramic Ware companies, to define, describe and analyze the sales volume, value, market share, market competition landscape and recent development.
Thus all the Corded Ware from the sites at the Rosson River except two vessels can be considered as belonging to the same pottery tradition.
Established in 1972, Ware Malcomb is an international design firm providing planning, architecture, interior design, civil engineering and branding services to commercial real estate and corporate clients.
The global ceramic sanitary ware market is analyzed in terms of revenue ($million) for all regions and their respective major countries.
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The court heard previously that Ware had left his clients high and dry when he continued trading after his construction empire hit the skids.
Edwards told the court Ware "slipped" into the water after he pushed her during the riverside "scuffle" where they gave each other "tit for tat" during a physical row.
Adorned with transfer scenes of landmarks, this Scottish wooden ware, though sold throughout the UK, was also exported to North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia.
Ware is already set for his next step, though he is gingerly walking around on crutches and with his surgically repaired broken leg in a cast up to his right knee: He is heading to the Final Four.
Many news outlets refused to show the footage because it was so disturbing, as Ware's bone could be seen protruding through his skin.
Use canvas or cloth, ware boards or bats and newspaper to help keep slabs flat when moving to work station.
The Comics of Chris Ware: Drawing is a Way of Thinking.
Islamabad -- The Awards Committee of the Open Course Ware Consortium has selected the Virtual University of Pakistan's Open Course Ware site for the '2012 Outstanding New Site Award for Open Course Ware Excellence', says a press release.
FOR A company with its roots in IT, MC Ware has been making great strides in the marine fabrication market.