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do over

1. To improve one's looks by giving one a makeover. In this usage, the recipient of the makeover is stated between "do" and "over." We really need to do her over—that dated hairstyle makes her look so much older than she really is.
2. To redecorate something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "do" and "over." After having the same décor for 20 years, it's time for us to do the living room over. Doing over this room with a fresh coat of paint will really brighten it up.
3. To do something again, often in an attempt to improve. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "do" and "over." The teacher told me that I have to do this project over because it's too sloppy. Please do over this report and try to make it more concise.
4. noun The act of doing something again, often in an attempt to improve. When used as a noun, the phrase is usually hyphenated. Can I have a do-over? That car horn distracted me just as I was swinging.
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do someone over

 and make someone over
to buy a new wardrobe for someone; to redo someone's hairstyle, makeup, etc. Sally's mother did Sally over for the play tryouts. The designer made over Sally completely.
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do something over

1. make something over to rebuild, redesign, or redecorate something. We did our living room over for the holidays. We made over the family room because it was looking shabby.
2. do something over (again) to repeat something; to do something again. I am afraid that you are going to have to do over the complete series again. Would you do this one over, please?
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do over

Also, do something over.
1. Also, do over again. Repeat something, as in This setup won't work; I'll have to do it over again.
2. Redecorate, as in We've decided to do over the living room. [Early 1900s]
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wardrobe malfunction

n. the failure of a costume to fully cover its wearer as intended. (From an incident on broadcast television where this failure allowed a woman’s naked breast to be seen. The term itself was concocted to be an excuse for the incident.) Now he spends hours watching TV, hoping for another wardrobe malfunction.
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n. the practice of buying clothing, wearing it once, and returning it for a refund. The company put a stop to wardrobing by making customers mail their returns to a central warehouse.
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They informed me that Miss Rachel flatly refused to have her wardrobe examined.
My young lady refuses to have her wardrobe examined.
I can't see anything climbing down the wardrobe,' said Elizabeth, as Eustace touched the floor.
We will," said Polly, and mounting a chair, she put up, bid in, and knocked down Fan's entire wardrobe to an imaginary group of friends, with such droll imitations of each one that the room rang with laughter.
Inchbare reappeared, with the choicest selection of wearing apparel which her wardrobe could furnish.
The top of a wardrobe is an excellent place for brown paper and cardboard boxes.
1 USE L-BRACKETS FOR FIXING WARDROBES OR CHESTS OF DRAWERS TO WALLS Often, furniture will come with brackets included but if not, you can get an L-shaped corner bracket from any ironmongery or DIY store.
3 MAKE SURE WARDROBES ARE LEVEL BEFORE FIXING TO A BRICK WALL For added security, I like to use two brackets, even if it's a small wardrobe - one at each end.
THERE'S no shortage of statistics about the amount of unworn clothing hanging in our wardrobes - Oxfam reckons there are 350 million garments in total in the UK, VoucherCodes.
Fitted wardrobes should complement the rest of your decor so choose wisely and give your storage that fitted hotel-style vibe.
com, has tapped into a particular niche of online retail: affordable everyday luxury items that tap into current trends for women who carefully budget their wardrobes each season.
These PAX Hemnes two-door wardrobes in white and grey-brown are pounds 155 each.
FURniTURe giant iKeA was yesterday been forced to recall a one of its sliding mirror door wardrobes because of safety fears.