war with

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war with someone

to fight or dispute with someone. Ruth is always warring with someone, usually about something trivial. Please don't war with me!
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Political and economic insiders in Washington were "avid for war with someone three years before the Maine exploded" in Havana harbor, Karp points out.
Finally, Alabama Baptists emerged from the Second World War with a more ecumenical and internationalist perspective.
The authors recount tales of the Gulf War with scholarship, clarity and moral force.
Iraq was economically in very bad shape, having only recently ended a costly eight-year war with Iran, which Iraq had launched in the hope of seizing Iran's oil fields.
There was no more candor in the Persian Gulf War or the war in Afghanistan or the war with Iraq than there was in Vietnam.
Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said war with Iraq is well justified: "If you are looking for just cause, we have already passed that threshold.
But some American analysts think that: Because of the failure to oust Hussein, the United States will be in a state of war with Iraq until he is overthrown.
Since Oceania was perpetually at war with either Eurasia or Eastasia (depending on the week), to oppose or even doubt Big Brother was an act of treason that endangered the nation's very existence--at least, according to official propaganda.
In the long run, will the war with Iraq ignite a democratic revolution in the Middle East?
The coming war with Iraq is likely to produce its own crop of killer vets.
Before America joined the war, the Wilson administration had to overcome public opinion against the war with a huge propaganda effort, and after the war a great deal of disillusionment set in.
Who would have anticipated back in 1952 that, more than a half-century after the supposed end of the Korean War, we would be poised to fight a nuclear war with a still-menacing Communist North Korea?